Lunar Notes

Aries: You have that one last conversation before you move on to bigger and better things. The emphasis shifts to what it is that you need and want. What is it that gives you that sense of security and enables you to move through life with confidence? The New Moon at month-end shifts your direction again. The energy is all good, so go, go, go!

Taurus: Mars in your sign signals a time to take action. It is a good time to begin a new exercise routine. You are filled with energy and will benefit if that energy is channeled in a positive manner. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and beneath the surface. Pay attention to those subtle, psychic messages you receive.

Gemini: Recent events have rocked your world. You’ve taken a second look at the circumstances of your life and are ready to make some changes. As quick-minded as you are, you want it all to happen right away; unfortunately that does not always happen. Make plans and lay the foundation now for what/where you want to be in the future.

Cancer: Sudden and unexpected events force change upon you. When your home life gets upset, you get upset.  Month-end brings new ideas and new direction. Don’t expect recognition for a job well done until mid-April. In the meantime, devote your energies to expanding your network and keeping those firm and loyal friends of yours.

Leo: Minor but pesky little details need to be attended to before you can focus on the big picture. You’re future oriented as you explore possibilities and recall some big dreams you put on the shelf. Time to take them off the shelf and take a fresh look at them. Think about the possible. There’s more of that than you realize.

Virgo: There are some pesky money issues that will not go away. This could involve estate planning, insurance or a tax issue. An unexpected outcome is possible here. Through it all you firm up your foundation, making sure that you are standing on bedrock. Nothing is going to shake you in the future. Plan a getaway.

Libra: While someone gets very passionate, some behave in a shocking manner. Some of this behavior is a game changer. You will be thinking about this relationship and whether to continue it. Mid-April should bring some clarity to the issue. Money matters can complicate some relationships. Keep a cool head.

Scorpio: Scorpio does not suffer fools gladly and there is one fool who has got the needle going with an aim that’s true. You have had it with this fool. When putting this one in place, use the wisdom of your experience to set the record straight. Month-end brings new ideas, new friends and some unexpected pleasure your way.

Sagittarius: Doing your duty and taking care of responsibilities — that is what your life has been about for the past year. You still have to do those necessary acts that keep life functioning smoothly, but by month-end there is an opportunity for you to do the things that bring you joy. Do them! Expect unexpected pleasures, friends and lovers.

Capricorn: And the world keeps on turning despite the deep churning within that you have been experiencing.  This month is a great time to get in touch with your foundation and what it is that makes you feel safe and secure.  Expect some surprises there. Take the time to enjoy yourself throughout this soul searching.

Aquarius: As winter turns to spring, Aquarius gets busy ending the winter hibernation. Many areas of your life are activated as you connect and reconnect with friends, family and folks from near and far. An old friend returns, sparking an interest in exploration. Something you’ve been putting off needs tending to.

Pisces: The focus on money and what you value continues. Expect some changes in the cash flow; this can be good or bad depending on your attitude. Try to avoid indulging in luxury items you don’t really need. Action in your own backyard keeps you busy. Don’t neglect your spiritual life. Pay attention to that inner voice.

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