Lunar Notes

Forecast Period: April 19, 2017 to May 2, 2017

Aries: Past relationship or money issues may be resolved after Venus returns to Aries on the 28th. You spend a lot of time and energy bringing things to a point where negotiations are possible. It’s not just love and money here, it encompasses your value system and your integrity. Take the initiative.

Taurus: There’s shifting and change within and without. By New Moon time at month end, fixed Taurus is ready for that change and the time is ripe for you to initiate that change. Someone introduces a foreign element into your daily routine. A behind-the-scenes romance livens up your life.

Gemini: Gemini is fired up and ready to go! Someone may try to fit you into a little box where they think you belong. Gemini will have none of that. You receive mixed signals from a friend or acquaintance. Possibly a friendship could turn romantic. Someone unusual or not your usual type enters the picture.

Cancer: After you tie up a few loose ends and have those much needed conversations, you are ready to move forward. The New Moon at month end signals a time to focus on your goals and what direction you want to head in. Responsibility weighs heavy upon you but you figure out ways and means to ease that responsibility. Good thinking!

Leo: Activity in the public realm keeps you busy. New ideas and modes of operation alter your daily routine. A career move and/or recognition on that front bolsters your confidence. You search far and wide for new ideas and alternate viewpoints. You use your network extensively and actively expand that network.

Virgo: Life takes an interesting turn causing you to look at things from a different perspective. New ideas bubble to the surface from your deep subconscious. By month end you will be able to articulate all of this. A mystical person offers some insight. Unexpected financial issues keep you on your toes.

Libra: You continue to deal with relationship issues. Serious conversations highlight different value systems. What is important to you is not so important to the other person. The question is, is this a deal breaker? This gives you incentive to look around and see what is going on in the big, wide, world.

Scorpio: You engage in conversations with people in your life. A lot of this has to do with your efforts to streamline your daily routine. This results in some creative and innovative solutions to everyday problems. Your passions are aroused. This has more to do with the world of ideas rather than the passions of the heart.

Sagittarius: Despite the heaviness and sense of duty pressing you down this is a period of great excitement for you. New and interesting people enter your life and a stalled romance gets new life. You’re figuring out new ways to work that make your life a little easier. You definitely need to lighten up a bit.

Capricorn: The period begins with you expending a lot of blood sweat and tears. It ends with you kicking up your heels in a series of fun times with playful playmates. Your hard work pays off. Be on the lookout for opportunities close to home. This could involve love and/or money. Don’t let the unexpected upset you, roll with it.

Aquarius: Everyday life takes on excitement, change and the unexpected. Your creative juices flow as you bring innovation and the latest and the greatest into your life. You’re interested in the romantic and fun stuff that life provides. An old friend or someone from the past turns up. This could be interesting.

Pisces: It’s tough to balance the check book these days with the money situation resembling a roller coaster ride. Keep your cool as a raise or money deal that was in the pipeline finally comes through. By month end, life gets busy and it’s your social calendar that needs balancing.


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