Lunar Notes

Forecast Period: May 4, 2017 to May 17, 2017

Aries: A challenge to your belief system surfaces when what you thought was written in stone was actually written in sand. Someone enters your life providing answers to some big questions. You’re equipped now to juggle a lot of new ideas. From the inner world to the outer world, you’re ready to dig for answers.

Taurus: The hidden surfaces into the light of day. Secrets involving money, romance and relationships bust wide open with the Full Moon. Although ready for the new you still find change difficult. The tried and true brings you comfort. But this time you listen to your intuition and make the necessary moves and changes.

Gemini: You’re energized and push back when someone makes an effort to restrict you. Gemini will have none of that. Your social life is rocking and you make some new and unusual friends. A romance or deep friendship with someone different, foreign or very worldly beckons. Keep your secrets for the time being.

Cancer: While you’re in the spotlight be careful that your actions and ideas are not misunderstood. While responsibilities weigh heavily take the time for some fun and games. A feminine influence brings positive vibes your way. Friends prove to be ever faithful and loyal. Take the time to let them know you appreciate it.

Leo: You’re in the mood to explore distant worlds, new ideas and different people. News from afar sparks your interest in travel. Circumstances may keep you at home during this period but it is a good time to make a plan. An aggressive friend offers some fresh ideas. Someone wants to get serious. You may not be ready for that.

Virgo: Life is busy as you juggle meetings, money and the material aspects of your life. Unexpected money issues require creative accounting. When the cash flows in make every effort to hang on to it. Difficulties arise as you try to juggle your personal and professional life. Being very busy adds to the confusion.

Libra: Folks are coming at you from all directions. Some are delightful and full of fun. There’s a few scandals brewing that may shock you and those around you. Through it all you maintain your equilibrium. When the dust settles it is time for some serious conversation. You have good ideas, others may not like them. Stick to your guns.

Scorpio: Emotions run high as the Full Moon falls in your sign. Try and keep a lid on things and maintain a logical demeanor. Worries over money contribute to your distress. You will come up with a creative solution as your intellect moves into overdrive. There is a way out for you. Revise and review, things will work out.

Sagittarius: A relationship is in the “you tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine” stage. Everything is just lovely! Sooner or later you either shift into the work of a relationship or let it go. Your social life runs on high these days with lots of friends and like-minded people to do all the things you love with. Don’t let an angry person ruin your fun.

Capricorn: Plans for the future shift and change as you are changing. Some news shocks and rocks your foundation. You’re getting very good at rolling with these punches. Someone in your daily life becomes aggressive. You set that person straight in a highly creative manner. Remember to enjoy yourself.

Aquarius: You’re busy with conversation, idea exchanges and a flood of news and information. Someone enters the picture who brings conversation to an exciting level. The intellectual stuff is like an aphrodisiac to you. This is someone you may want to hang on to. Old friends prove their worth once again.

Pisces: You take a look at your finances, how you spend your money and whether or not some of this stuff is important to you. It’s reevaluate, revise and revisit time. You look at these things on a variety of levels. Your mystical side surfaces and you get hidden messages, intuitive sparks and strong hunches. Pay attention!


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