Lunar Notes

Aries: You’re entering a busy period where you find yourself dealing with troublesome neighbors, talkative friends and disruptions in your routine. Throw that plan or schedule out the window and go with the flow. Expect some opposition to your new and innovative ideas. Use charm and diplomacy to get your point across.

Taurus: The big question these days is, “What’s it worth to you?” Are you going to keep it or chuck it? This applies to material goods, cherished ideas and relationships. You’re more inclined to talk about these things, which is a good idea. Verbalizing your thoughts helps to clarify things.  Something hidden sees the light of day.

Gemini: You’re ready for a brand new start, but don’t rush into things. You are inclined to be impulsive these days and you need to remind yourself to stop and think a bit before rushing headlong into something new. A romantic interest or unusual friend brings some excitement into your life. This is good.  

Cancer: While you’re trying to keep things on the down low, events conspire to lift the lid on all your secrets. Gossipy friends and nosey co-workers keep the lid wide open. It seems no matter what you do, you’re taking false steps. Stop and think before you jump into anything. A feminine influence surprises everyone.

Leo: A few conversations need to take place before you can seriously make plans for the future.  Someone wants to get serious and the big question is: Does Leo want to get serious? The New Moon on the 25th brings a breath of fresh air and some new ideas. This, in turn, leads you in a new direction. You search far and wide.

Virgo: Conversations, news and money issues push you in a new direction. A change in career, job or domestic situation requires a serious look at finance. You’re inclined to indulge yourself, but also keep your basic needs in the forefront of your mind. You know what you are doing. Avoid those folks who want to control you.

Libra: You’re overflowing with ideas, both practical and fantastical. Some strange and interesting people pass your way. A romance or other significant relationship develops with someone unusual or from a different background. Not your usual type at all. There are endless possibilities for fun and creative games with this one.

Scorpio: You dig deep inside yourself trying to find out what really matters to you. A trusted friend or acquaintance provides a helpful sounding board. Speak and listen. Clarify your thoughts.  A romance or financial opportunity presents itself as you go about your daily routine. Pay attention to dreams and intuitive hunches.   

Sagittarius: In the face of opposition you stand your ground and stick up for what you believe in.  While arguments ensue on one front, you have wonderful fun with unusual, creative friends. Some of that creativity is all your own. A crazy love affair is possible. This one will sizzle hot and fast. It may not last, but have fun while you can.     

Capricorn: An appliance or technical snafu triggers a little remodeling or sprucing up on the home front. Could be as simple as a coat of paint, but whatever it is, it makes things pretty. You are filled with new ideas and methods to streamline your daily routine. Practical Capricorn listens to that illusive intuition.

Aquarius: Intellectual pursuits have always been near and dear to your heart. That little favorite is favored right now. Fun people enter your life who rouse your passions with ideas and conversations. It’s right up your alley. You feel the need to express yourself in creative and innovative ways. Go for it.

Pisces: You work from your basic foundation, your core self. Actions and ideas come bubbling up from that place where you are sure of yourself. While the money situation may seem like a roller coaster, you’ve got a pretty good handle on the material stuff. You’re getting good at balancing the material and the spiritual.

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