Lunar Notes

Aries: You may as well give up trying to maintain a schedule or budget these days. While you’ll be super busy, maintain a list to keep you on track as the disruptions won’t quit. You’ll be tempted to spend money on a luxury item, something that is beautiful and appeals to your soul. Down the line you may wonder why you bought it.

Taurus: Your social life perks up and keeps you spinning. Use charm and diplomacy to calm down a belligerent neighbor or angry commuter. Some papers may need signing or details reviewed involving money or property. Take the time to peruse these papers carefully. A friend gets mystical on you. Listen and pay attention to this one.

Gemini: It’s the season of the Twins and Gemini basks in the sun’s rays. Busy, energetic and filled with more curiosity than you can handle, your days are filled with discussion, news and new ideas. Some of those discussions are serious and someone may act as a wet blanket. Cheer up, someone else wants to party. Take your pick.

Cancer: Your intuition is running on high and during this period you have the energy and drive to act upon those intuitive flashes. The practical folks in your life may try to dissuade you, but you follow your gut. An assist from a female friend will smooth the way. Be prepared for a shock from someone you consider an authority.

Leo: A friend asks for a loan or seeks your involvement in some type of endeavor involving money. Step very carefully here. It’s OK to say no. On the upside, you’re formulating plans for your future. You bring your dreams to earth bringing a creative idea to fruition. You engage in those activities that bring you joy.

Virgo: While you absolutely must take care of things on the domestic front, you are placed in the public eye and your public life is very active. It’s a juggling act. You’re beginning to explore and enlarge your universe. Grand ideas and visions emerge as you open to the possibilities. Yes, possible is the key word here.

Libra: Ideas and emotions bubble to the surface. You begin to look at things from an entirely new and different viewpoint. While you have wild flights of fancy, you’ve got the goods to back them up. There’s a solid base of practicality running through all of this. It’s time to talk about your ideas with a brilliant associate.

Scorpio: While you’re worried about money, contracts and important papers that require due diligence, a bit of whimsical fun and games head your way. You’re intuitive when it comes to money and love. You know what you want and what is important to you. You won’t blow the bankroll, but will spend it wisely — your money and your love.

Sagittarius: New friends, lovers and acquaintances liven up your life. If things have been dull lately, hang on because they won’t be dull anymore. Many conversations, parties and events keep you hopping and in the social whirl. You don’t forget your responsibilities and are happy for it, especially when someone interesting comes along in the process.    

Capricorn: Breaking out of your shell, you trip the light fantastic. A significant relationships forms or transforms during this period. The conversations are interesting even if someone gets a bit testy and hot under the collar. Your ideas are worth expressing, so be sure to get them out there. Someone in authority smiles upon you.

Aquarius: Your creative self-expression runs on high these days. With grand and innovative ideas, you impress those around you. Someone interesting reveals some startling news. Not much surprises you, but this little tidbit makes you chuckle. Parties and social events close to home brighten your days.

Pisces: Ideas, people and events get up close and personal with you these days. Your intuition is revved up and right on target. While duty calls, you take the time for those activities that you enjoy. You’re more than a little interested in a pleasant, sociable friend. This could turn into something much deeper. Take it slow.

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