Lunar Notes

Aries: You kick off the summer with a lot of soul searching, figuring out what’s important to you and where you’re coming from. You may seek professional help, counselling or simply a conversation with a learned friend. Wisdom arrives from a faraway place. Keep an open mind.

Taurus: You bubble over with new ideas as your life becomes busy. You become quite adept at juggling the various events, news and information that comes your way. There are lots of parties, social events and human contact in your life right now. A friend with a mystical bent offers some sound advice. Listen!

Gemini: While you’re having a grand time pursuing all the activities that you love to do, your mind is on some practical aspects of your life — like the budget and new ways in which you can enhance your existence. Someone unusual and interesting enlivens your life, bringing a little more excitement your way.

Cancer: This period ushers a time of new beginnings and change into your life. More responsibility brings in more money. It’s time to be assertive. You make good use of your connections. This is a good time to expand that network and make some solid plans for the future.  Be ready for more changes to come over the summer months.

Leo: You’re scratching your head trying to figure out how your actions could be so misinterpreted. The results were not at all what you intended. Time to take a look at your motives and your delivery. Some quiet time opens up your world and provides some answers. Slow down and look within.

Virgo: This is a magical time for you. Write down your plans, dreams and goals no matter how far-fetched they may seem. By setting/getting them down, you’re laying a solid foundation from which to build upon. This is the time for you to expand your vision to include the impossible. Dream big because it is all possible.

Libra: You’re heading in a new direction as you aggressively pursue your goals in life. You’re not shy about extolling your own virtues, knowing that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Your ideas are good and sound, and folks in the know and in a position to help you are listening. Time to grab the brass ring.

Scorpio: What is Scorpio up to these days? It’s a mixture of the practical, the mystical and the intellectual. Is it true love or simply someone you can talk to, who gets you and is on the same wave length as you? Rare indeed! All of this leads to new worlds opening up for you. Time to go exploring.

Sagittarius: It’s a continuing journey of discovery for you as you plumb the depths of your being. You are finding things about yourself that you were unaware of. Pleasant folks and helpful females smooth the way as you go about your daily routines. Someone unusual and exciting comes along. Enjoy this while it lasts.

Capricorn: A new path opens up as you pursue new relationships, personal and professional. You’re clearing out the old and bringing in the new on a variety of levels. Do not neglect the activities that bring you joy. Take the time to have some fun. Love and romance sit on your doorstep.

Aquarius: Up, down and all around, life’s a roller coaster as you bounce from the pleasant to the serious in between the argumentative and the fun-loving. It is hard to keep track of the many moods around you. You are philosophical about it all and roll easily with the punches. Fun stuff on the home front lightens things up.

Pisces: You’re all about the fun and joyful stuff that brings your inner child out to play. The universe cooperates as piles of invites land at your door. Some choices require tough decisions. It all looks delightful. You don’t neglect the serious stuff and an authority figure takes notice. This puts a feather in your cap.

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