Lunar Notes

Aries: Circumstances and events create a ruckus that shakes you to your core. Some deep-rooted stuff gets pulled to the surface. When the dust settles and you’re over the shock of it all, you are able to articulate precisely who and what you are. Your true self emerges. Helpful females promote healthy conversation and brighten your life.

Taurus: You’re confronted with some angry and belligerent folks as you go about your daily routine. Neighbors, siblings and an angry commuter or two throw you off track and have you wondering, “Why me?” An influx of money comes with the caution to use it wisely or stash it away for a rainy day. Working relationships work well.

Gemini: Time to negotiate! The stars are aligned in your favor. You are able to bring about compromise and agreement between opposing parties and viewpoints. Keep a firm grip on your values and the issues that you care about. Some things can’t be compromised. Your verbal skills are put to good use. Popularity increases.

Cancer: You put up a good defense as well as initiating a great offense. Those who wish to control you are in for a big surprise. Your energy is high and you refuse to take any crap from anyone. Be sure to temper your remarks with a little diplomacy. You want to set the record straight and mark your territory. You don’t want to burn bridges.

Leo: Be ready for a social whirlwind as you’re on everyone’s invitation list. Enjoy it while it lasts. Some things are going on with you beneath the surface, but you carry on and manage to have some fun in the process. Romance and finances improve through contacts with friends, acquaintances and other like-minded individuals.

Virgo: What’s up with Virgo these days? You take an aggressive stance with those in your circle. Your speech comes from the depths of your being as you get in touch with a deep vein of truth within you. For the most part, you are viewed favorably. Someone in authority looks kindly upon you. A move or remodel is possible.

Libra: You speak your mind and you’re not shy about it. Your usual diplomacy packs a punch these days. Some folks become difficult, but you talk them through it. You enjoy cultural events, museums and art galleries. Anything foreign appeals to you as you open up to the wide world. A foreign language, country or culture is on the menu.

Scorpio: Conversation rules the day. Seems like you’re having many important ones with folks from all parts of your life, from the personal to the professional. Money — how you spend it, save it and feel about it — occupies your thoughts. People listen and hear you now. You sense that you are preparing for something big. You are; hang on!

Sagittarius: While relationships run smooth, there are some pesky money issues rumbling beneath the surface.  This may involve joint finances, but mainly it is about your money, your values and what it is you care about the most. Figure it out. Your network brings you into contact with a possible romantic involvement.     

Capricorn: With some folks, a head-on collision is unavoidable. Others are angry, emotional and bubbling over with real or imagined wrongs. Sort through it all and maintain a cool, practical manner. You’re able to negotiate with some while others may be a lost cause until they cool down. Help comes from an unexpected source.

Aquarius: You engage in interesting conversations with a variety of people. The exchange of ideas stimulates your intellect, and you can continue these conversation with a romance and/or friendship that develops. This may be an older or mature type who has a great deal of knowledge and wisdom.

Pisces: After weeks of hard work you are ready for a summer of socializing. You may stick close to home for some fun and games, but generally you are open to any invitation that floats your way. Your friends prove to be a valuable resource for a variety of reasons — business, personal and social. A surprise tax or insurance rebate arrives.

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