Lunar Notes

Aries:  You spend your time in that age-old pastime, the pursuit of happiness. What brings joy into your life? Is that a particular someone, a hobby or an activity? You know the answer. You’re creative now and this is a good time to act on that creativity. Setting goals and meeting new friends is also on the agenda.

Taurus: There’s a battle going on between your public image and your private self. The emphasis is on how you present yourself. Helpful folks in your environment smooth the way for you on a lot of fronts. You will be speaking from the heart and though what you say may not make some people happy, you will say it with a spoonful of sugar.

Gemini: As always, Gemini is busy working the juggling act that the twins do so well. You’re bubbling over with new ideas and plans for the future. A trip to foreign lands or a peek into a different culture may be on the agenda. Love and the fun things in life emerge from the faraway places as well.

Cancer: Security is the big issue with you during this period. You’re thinking about what and who make you feel safe. Some of it is all material stuff, but beneath it all is a sense that you need to belong to someone or someplace or something. While you ponder this, you receive invitations and meet some lovely people who add to your life.

Leo: Fired up and combative, Leo takes a stand. You throw diplomacy out the window and speak your piece from the heart. You need to get what is important to you out there in the atmosphere, into the stratosphere if needed. Your ideas are broad and inclusive these days, and some narrow-minded folks don’t like that.

Virgo: The things that pop out of your mouth these days come from the depths of your being. You are not consciously aware of these concepts until you actually say them. Let it out, as this will improve your physical and mental health. Socializing with friends and acquaintances brings opportunity for love and material gain.

Libra: Love and artistic expression take an unexpected turn as someone throws you a curve ball.  You manage to keep the ball in play as you deal with some unstable and volatile individuals. You receive favorable reviews, and your network of friends expands. Enjoy the added social benefits that this provides.

Scorpio: As you concentrate on your advancement, don’t neglect the emotional underpinnings that shore up your existence. You are ambitious now and want to get ahead, but be careful not to sacrifice domestic tranquility. This is your tranquility we are talking about. Ask yourself what it’s really worth to you.

Sagittarius: You dream big as you sense that your time will come. Keep dreaming and coming up with new ideas and great plans. Mid-December, you will feel a major shift as if a burden has been lifted. You will be able to implement some of those plans then. In the near term, look for people from different backgrounds to come into your life.

Capricorn: You clean out the attic, the cellar, the garage and any space — physical, emotional or spiritual — that contains junk you don’t need anymore. Some sweet relationships lighten your days.  Some may be passionate. Or you get passionate about something. You fight for what matters to you.

Aquarius: The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign signals a time of change. Those changes may come through relationships. Certainly some of those may be rocky, but clearing the air and cleaning the slate allows for something better to move in. Old friends prove their worth and helpful females smooth your daily path.

Pisces: Something hidden emerges that causes a change in your daily routine. Could be work-related. There is change in the air and some of that change is an inner change. This is reflected in how you interact with those around you. Conversation, not combat, is the key to resolution. Take the time for some fun and games.

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