Lunar Notes

Aries: You become aware that certain things that used to amuse you, your go-to fun things, no longer serve. Those you found romantically attractive no longer are. There’s a need to touch that rock bottom base, to connect with what it is that you really want. Rearranging your daily routine and interactions with others opens doors.

Taurus: Changes on the home front trigger a reconnection with your roots. Your rethinking encompasses many areas of your life. Helpful and insightful friends, siblings and neighbors bring some fun to your doorstep. Mystical visions, not your usual forte, serve as a guide to the future.

Gemini: Your daily commute and familiar neighborhood shifts and changes. New routes, new neighbors and a surprise from a sibling has you pondering the past in order to come up with solutions for the future. The traditional folks in your life — as well as the more radical ones — contribute their two cents. Listen to both types as both have valid points.

Cancer: While your socially active life is a lot of fun, be sure not to overspend and throw a monkey wrench into the budget. Money concerns do and will occupy your thoughts as changes in that area have you rethinking what is important to you. A conversation going over old ground needs to take place. Clear the air, then move along.

Leo: You’re ready for change and do not hesitate when it comes to making change. Although energized and ready to go, you don’t act without due consideration as you are processing and reassessing what you consider valuable to your existence. A secret love or a hindrance to an ongoing romance cools your passion. Rethink this one.

Virgo: In the midst of your very busy social life you continue your deep, analytical probing. There is a lot of inner work going on with you. Work you are not ready to share with others. Not yet anyway. Retro Mercury in your sign gives a boost to all this contemplation. Things will look different when Mercury goes direct in September.

Libra: Your busy life keeps you in contact with a wide variety of people, from friends and family to professional contacts. All this interaction opens your eyes to new possibilities for the future. Your reputation is enhanced when you put forth some sound, wise ideas. Those in power take notice.

Scorpio: Events and your own actions push you in a new direction. You take the time to analyze and rethink things before taking the steps in that new direction. Take your time; there’s no rush as this has to do with long-range planning. This is the time to revise and review. Early September brings a clear path to follow.

Sagittarius: You’re into deep philosophical discussions these days. Some folks don’t get where you’re coming from.  While most of this is abstract, you eventually get down to hard facts and basic reality. All of this appeals to the new and unusual people in your life. Travel plans and/or plans for the future are in the mix.      

Capricorn: Relationships improve and your passions are aroused. This may have to do with money and shared values. A conversation helps to clear the air. There are some things that are hidden and secret. They’ll remain that way for the time being. All of this helps you to clear the decks for a new beginning.

Aquarius: Expect changes in the way you relate to people and who you are in relationships with. This will include all types of relationships, from the personal to the professional, the serious and the casual. You appreciate the solid and traditional types in your life as they prove their worth again.

Pisces: Changes in your working routine, your exercise regime and your diet all help to improve your mental and physical health. You turn over a new leaf when it comes to enjoying yourself. Being responsible and taking care of business is important, but so is your leisure time and doing the things that make you happy.

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