Lunar Notes

Aries: There’s a lot of conversation going on. You’re reviewing procedures and processes in order to make your life run smoother. It is hard to get organized when the unexpected keeps popping up, upsetting schedules and routines.  In the middle of all these upsets, you find the time for fun, games and romance.

Taurus: Your creative juices are flowing and you express yourself in a way that leaves no doubt as to who you really are. You are speaking from the heart, speaking your truth. You discover that someone in your life does not have the same values as you have. You may have to rethink this relationship.

Gemini: Your natural ability to handle multiple tasks and issues comes in handy during this period as you juggle your personal and professional life. It is hard keeping everyone happy as they all want a piece of you. Define your boundaries and let all know where you stand. Interesting folk enter your life.

Cancer: You enter a very busy period. Things that had been on hold begin to move along as the log jam breaks up.  Be careful how you spend your money. You feel like indulging yourself by buying something pretty. A month from now, you may hate it. Think first. Try and keep your temper under control during the daily commute.

Leo: While you deal with some serious money issues, you’re into the social whirl big time. You attract fun stuff and fun people. Take advantage of it while the fun lasts. Someone wants to get serious and take a relationship to a deeper level. You may want to straighten some things out in your life before you commit.

Virgo: Relationships move front and center. You’re proactive, not reactive, and take the lead. You’re thinking about yourself and what you want and need. Nothing wrong with that. Avoid someone who needs to be “fixed.” It is time to take care of yourself. A relationship in a very low key phase is not quite ready to move forward.

Libra: On the surface you’re all smiling and sociability, but behind the scenes there is a lot going on. A counselor or someone you can simply talk to will help you to clarify what the issues are with you. It doesn’t hurt to do your own research. Don’t overlook helpful friends, they’re in abundance now. Look around!

Scorpio: Making plans for the future brings up issues of who you are, how you express yourself and wondering if that expression is an expression of your true self. Discussions with friends and kindred spirits help to clarify a lot of your issues. While dealing with concrete issues, there is an element of the spiritual that captures your attention.

Sagittarius: Your hard work pays off as you begin to see results and receive recognition for your efforts. You may see some changes in your daily routine or commute. Conversations are lively, especially with the new and unusual people entering your life. Some are very exciting.

Capricorn: You’re busy traveling near and far, exploring new places and new ideas. Your philosophy of life comes under scrutiny as you try these new ideas on for size to see if they fit. Practical conversations take place and you speak from the depths of your soul. There are no secrets anymore as you clear the air and start anew.

Aquarius: Relationships improve as some solid, pleasant people enter your life. Your increased involvement with folks who share your values contributes to your overall sense of well-being. Some money or estate matters are resolved and you are able to move on. Pleasant conversation and old friends spark up your days.

Pisces:  The people in your life take a front seat as you engage in conversation, socializing and figuring out why some folks attract you and others don’t. Some relationships may not be pleasant and words are exchanged. Helpful folks show up as you go about your daily business, smoothing your way.

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