Lunar Notes

Aries: You focus on getting things in order. Getting it together moves you closer to your goals. A new course of study is not easy. There are no shortcuts to be taken. Slog through as best you can. There’s lots of discussion in your immediate environment, some conversations become heated while others are quite pleasant.

Taurus: You partake in those actions that bring you joy and reflect your true nature. You speak and act from that inner point that is your true self. Some very helpful people in your immediate environment introduce you to subjects that open your world and broaden your outlook. New ideas deserve expression.

Gemini: While some folks may not know where you are coming from, you do. You speak and act from a solid foundation. You know who you are and where you stand. There are those who may not like what you have to say.  You have the courage now to speak, be and act from a place that reflects the real you.

Cancer: You’ve busy days ahead, so be prepared to juggle engagements between business, personal and pleasure.  Altercations with those in your immediate environment are tempered with a diplomatic touch. Someone acts as a peacemaker and wise counselor. You shore up your home life to better face the world.

Leo: You’re so tempted to spend money on something beautiful and luxurious. Think twice as an expected financial windfall may fall through. Someone is not being entirely truthful. You deal with people both near and far. Unusual news from afar has you rethinking the possibilities available to you.

Virgo: Virgo is into all things new. New relationships, new style and new methods all occupy your time and efforts. It’s a mixed bag of folks in your life now. Some are all fun and games while others are argumentative. You are ready to defend yourself if need be. The money situation looks good.

Libra: Quiet time, meditation and an inward look provide the incentive for you to venture forth into exploration of your world and the wider world. You discover some things about yourself that you may wish to change. Serious and sober conversation takes place with some in your everyday life.

Scorpio: Networking, friendships and group associations offer insight into how you plan for the future. You may not have time to do much planning during this period as your life is filled with social events that open you up to the many options available to you. Some quiet thinking time is needed before decisions are made.

Sagittarius: You get serious about career and future goals. There’s a lot of activity around authority figures and people in your public life. This is a good time to network and expand your circle of friends. Indeed, friends bring the great outside world to you. A romantic or creative project sizzles, but may fizzle out if not tended to.    

Capricorn: Interest in arts, foreign culture and higher learning with an eye to achieving your goals occupies you now. Folks around you may feel that you’re not quite “with it,” but your mind is soaring into the stratosphere as you contemplate the big picture. You’re thoroughly grounded, though, and will not lose yourself in the impossible.

Aquarius: An estate, insurance claim or tax issue moves to the front burner and closer to resolution. Pay attention to the small print before you sign anything. Your daily life is anything but routine, so be prepared to roll with the punches and be flexible as events force schedule changes upon you. Your ideas are brilliant; record them in a journal.

Pisces: You’re bombarded with conversation and opinions from those closest to you. Some are very helpful, others a bit argumentative. Your intuition is running on high. Listen to it as you sort through all the chatter around you. A financial windfall is possible — a tax rebate or insurance claim you weren’t expecting.

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