Lunar Notes

Aries:  The ongoing relationship battles and reconciliations continue. Discussions get hot and heavy. Money, shared values and resources and what’s mine, what’s yours will come up. A new direction is called for. What is good for you? You’ll need to give things some serious thought and look within yourself to find the answer.

Taurus: Action centers on the job, work methods and the daily routine. Interpersonal relationships and how they are connected to all of this are also highlighted. These issues are reflected in your physical and spiritual health.  Figure out what works for you, what makes you feel good, then do it.

Gemini: You’re clever, creative and innovative as you seek new methods to streamline your life. You use your ingenuity to sort through your “stuff,” dumping what you don’t need or want. This includes physical, mental and emotional stuff. There are some fun times in store for you. A romance heats up.

Cancer: The action is in and around the home. This is where you are having fun these days. A change in attitude has shifted your focus from the serious to the more lighthearted aspects of life. This is fine; you don’t have to take care of everybody. It is time to take care of yourself by having fun and romance and enjoying creative projects.

Leo: A commitment is in the offing. The question is, will you? There are indications of improvement on the home front and in the immediate neighborhood. Your interactions on a daily basis are a mixture of the cordial and the surly. Keep your cool. Enjoy yourself and don’t let another dampen your spirits.

Virgo: A major shift in your thinking and thought processes open you up to new ideas, some that have been very foreign to you in the past. This process will open and expand your world over time. A change in money matters and personal values is on the agenda as well. Unexpected events may be the cause.

Libra: A change in fortune as the money situation improves. Your social life improves along with it. You attract all kinds of people and social events. Pick and choose carefully, avoiding difficult people. Don’t let good fortune go to your head; remain practical, keeping an eye on the budget.

Scorpio: A period of luck ensues with Jupiter entering your sign after a 12-year hiatus. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and good luck and can be a guardian angel on your shoulder. Drawbacks can include being over-confident and overlooking the details. In the near term, take the time for quiet introspection, then take action.

Sagittarius: Social activity, lively conversations and expansion of your network pepper this period with some unexpected people and events. You’re beginning to shake off some of the more somber aspects of life that have plagued you in the past. Some serious thinking will prepare you for the changes to come.    

Capricorn: A career move or some recognition heads your way.  It’s not a done deal, so make the effort. You get a boost from your circle of friends. You continue to make plans for the future, figuring out where you want to go and what you want to be. New, interesting and helpful friends enter your life.

Aquarius: You poke your head out, surveying the wide world around you. You are ready to go exploring. You are also ready to receive some recognition or advancement in your chosen field. Unexpected disruptions make it impossible to maintain any kind of schedule. A new acquaintance is wise beyond their years.

Pisces:  You’re intrigued by faraway places, foreign cultures and ancient artifacts. You’re really seeking knowledge and begin to absorb like a sponge. Books, movies and museums all feed your soul. A money or insurance issue is resolved after a long, detailed slog through red tape and fine print.

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