Lunar Notes

Aries: You concentrate on your public persona and where you are headed in this life. Past actions catch up with you for good or ill. While a boost in finances is possible, don’t neglect careful management of funds. After the New Moon of the 16th, your social life picks up as old and new friends come calling.

Taurus: Your interest in culture, art, ideas and philosophy blossoms now. This leads to some interesting conversations. Wise folks enter your life along with the more argumentative types.  Speak up and talk back. As the month draws to a close, you attract some favorable reviews. A feminine influence looms large.

Gemini: The financial situation requires some serious thought. Careful management will see you through. The problem is right now you are attracted to the pretty, not the practical. Put off the self-indulgence to a later date. Some folks in your life open you up to new possibilities while others present you with a brick wall. Sometimes walls are good.

Cancer: You’re plagued by a plethora of people — some nice, some not so nice. Your preference is for the pleasant and your own pleasure. You’re into the pursuit of happiness big time these days.  Passion plays a big part in this. Someone wants to commit. An involvement with someone from a different background stirs the pot.

Leo: Daily life is busy with new friends, new co-workers and new methods that streamline your daily life. You stick close to home. Someone offers assistance with some minor repairs around your personal space. Relationship issues move to the forefront at month-end. Listen and learn.

Virgo: You get serious about what is important to you. This could be a person, a pleasant pastime, or the importance of your self-expression. Be careful while tooling around town. Impatience and impulsive actions won’t help you avoid that red light. Overall, you enjoy some fun times and fun people. Things could get romantic.

Libra: If you’ve neglected people or things on the home front, that neglect has come back to haunt you. It is time to do some home repairs whether physically, emotionally or mentally. It may cost you some money, but you will not suffer financially. The New Moon brings some fun and games back into your life.

Scorpio: This is an active and very busy period in your life. Fortunately for you, you have the energy and stamina to accomplish all that is on your plate. There’s a lot of positive energy around you, but take care not to come on too strong. Don’t get physical, use your intellect. Try a little smooth talking. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Sagittarius: Challenges to your code of ethics cause you to rethink and defend what you value.  You’re on solid ground here. You know where you stand and are not afraid of those challenges. The Archer is taking the high road here, listening to that inner voice. There’s a guardian angel on your shoulder.     

Capricorn: The New Year brings changes, and Capricorn is ready for them. There’s a lot of activity around you and you partake in all that you can. Your circle of friends expands as old friends introduce you to some new and different types of folks. You are definitely up for it. A little romance heats up a cold winter.

Aquarius: Hunkering down in the bunker suits you fine these days. You enjoy solitude and quiet contemplation. Duties and responsibilities may pull you out into the public eye. You dispatch it with ease, then head back to your private place. After the New Moon of the 16th, you take a few steps out and enjoy some socializing.

Pisces: Pisces networks like crazy during this period. Old friends prove their worth as they help you to connect with some powerful people. You’re interested in the big picture and the big questions. Your studies help you to streamline and organize your daily life and routine. You listen and hear the angels sing.

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