Lunar Notes

Aries: Relationships between parents and children, friends and lovers, personal and professional change for good or ill. Lovers become friends, friends become lovers. It’s a topsy-turvy world. You navigate the shifting sands with diplomacy and a willingness to discuss and listen. A lively and interesting period for you.

Taurus: Your ambitions prod you into putting your best foot forward. You want to make a good impression and for the most part, you succeed. Folks on the home front may tire of you talking about your professional life. Consult with an expert as you make plans for the future. Some wise one enters your life.

Gemini: Your curiosity leads you to new and far reaching ideas prompting you to explore the unfamiliar. You are active and very busy. A tax, estate or insurance matter needs to be taken care of. It is dry, boring stuff, but stick to it until the end. Your social life includes some cultural events and perhaps a little traveling.

Cancer: Money matters take up most of your time. There is a change in your status. The money involves more than you alone. Joint finances need to be sorted out. Relationships are tested. The worthwhile ones survive. Look for some new and interesting people to enter your life. Watch for the passionate one.

Leo: You’re changing and some folks in your life may not like that. They prefer the old you. A need to keep your nose to the grindstone on a daily basis has you feeling fatigued. Get some rest and don’t neglect your favorite recreational activities. There is a strong possibility of a new romantic interest during this period.

Virgo: Stuff bubbles up from your subconscious that demand expression. As you harness your thoughts, you are able to accomplish that expression in a pretty clear manner. You open to the new and different. Your daily routine is filled with some pleasant surprises. Some fun is headed your way.

Libra: Repairs and redecoration on the home front do not keep you from enjoying the social whirl. You partake of all the things that you so enjoy doing. Some lovely and congenial folks enter your life now. Your friendships change.  Romance and artistic pursuits fill your days.

Scorpio: You contemplate a change in career or domestic situation. There’s no stress involved here, it is simply that your worldview is expanding and you want your daily life to reflect that. Social events and congenial companions provide a much-needed break from the tedium of daily life. You do have responsibilities that can’t be avoided.  Balance the necessary with the recreational.

Sagittarius: With some deep reflection you come up with new ideas, broadening your outlook. Lessons involving money and resources prompt you to reevaluate what is important to you. Now is a busy period in your life, filled with some pleasant and exciting pastimes. Someone unusual captures your interest.

Capricorn: A review of your finances prompts a revamping of goals and plans for the future. You have the energy now to complete those boring and tedious tasks. Folks from a different background than your own expand your universe. You take a look at what really matters to you. A wise friend offers good advice.

Aquarius: You win the popularity contest during this period. Your outlook is sunny and curious, and this attracts those types of people to you. Your reputation is enhanced through some good reviews. Expect some unexpected disruptions in your daily routine or commute. A talkative someone intrigues you.

Pisces: While you want to play the hermit, old friends bring you out into the social scene. Enjoy this, but don’t neglect the quiet time that you crave. You need this as these periods bring you great insight that help you to navigate through life. You’re interested in all things foreign and far away.

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