Lunar Notes

Aries: The Solar Eclipse signals changes in friendships, group affiliations and plans for the future.  After working long and hard to reach a goal you may discover it is not what your thought it would be or not what you want.  Regroup and rearrange as you head into the future. You will find your way.  Love tiptoes in from someone very sensitive.

Taurus: A change in career path or changes on the home front brings some fluctuation in income. Not to worry things will work out. Your friends come to the rescue with emotional support while pulling you into social activities.  Romantic possibilities present themselves during this social whirl.

Gemini: Ever curious Gemini seeks to broaden horizons and gain knowledge, and adapts to the changing environment. A return to school is possible or simply enrolling in a class to gain some of that knowledge is possible.  While you receive rave reviews from those around you, an argument ensues with someone, perhaps about money.

Cancer: Money issues trigger an emotional meltdown, yours or someone you are involved with. Either way, emotions run high. Someone is a real control freak. Use your intuition and listen to the inner voice to navigate through this emotional land mine. Changes on the job and at home keep you flexible.

Leo: Relationships take a hit during this period. The Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector brings change. Roll with it. There needs to be a conversation or two. Someone you are passionate about is passionate about you as well.  Some clear thinking may be required, so come up for some air and give it all some thought.

Virgo: Busy is the name of the game. Your neighborhood feels like a foreign country as new folks come and go. Your daily routine and home life are active, keeping you on your toes. Be sure that the romantic interest coming your way is not just a fantasy. See this person as they really are, not as you want them to be.

Libra: You get creative in all aspects of your life. You find yourself attracted to and attracting types that you have never encountered before. This is not such a bad thing as it opens you to the new and different. A crabby neighbor or some other belligerent type requires some diplomacy. Turn on the charm and smooth troubled waters.

Scorpio: You are on a roll, so keep going. A variety of people and opportunities head your way. A romantic interest with someone who seems like a soul mate comes along. Take it slow and be sure it is the real thing before you commit. Work and duties should not be neglected. Take care of business in a timely manner.

Sagittarius: The pace of life picks up and you find yourself juggling many things at once. Mars in your sign during this period guarantees you will have enough energy to accomplish all that you need to do. The Solar Eclipse has you thinking about new processes and new ways to lead your life.

Capricorn: Hard work brings reward. If you’ve handled things well you will benefit from being so efficient. If you have ignored the necessary you will have to deal with more than you planned on. In this process you will learn what is truly important to you. Finances may fluctuate as new sources of income appear.

Aquarius: With the Solar Eclipse in your sign, change is definitely on the menu. You will initiate most of those changes as you feel the need to do just that, change. Your public image is good these days. You spend some time networking and relaxing with friends. Resist spending money on luxury items.

Pisces: Some things bubble up from your subconscious and you are able to articulate some new ideas and new ways of doing things. You take some positive steps to move you forward in life. With the help of your network of friends and acquaintances, you connect with some helpful people. Old friends prove their worth.

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