Lunar Notes

Aries: With the arrival of spring, you feel rejuvenated. You’re ready for action as you enter the spotlight. With Mercury retrograde in your sign, be wary of blurting something out before thinking it through. You aim is to help, not hurt. At the New Moon when Mercury goes direct, your thoughts will be clearer and you will have more info available.

Taurus: Your mode of action is on the subtle and quiet side. You’re reflective and contemplative as you search within to discover what you want and where you want to go in life. There is a wise person who enters your life who offers some solid advice. Your intuition is on target. Listen to the inner voice.

Gemini: This is a transformative period for you. You dig deep within yourself and share your vision with friends and like-minded individuals. Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde until the 15th, turning direct at the New Moon. Wait until then to put your transforming visions and plans into motion.

Cancer: You are faced with some angry and controlling people who may try to dominate you. Your abilities may be called into question. It is just a tactic to try and undermine you. Stand tall and defend yourself with soft words. Let others do the yelling. Amid this turmoil a romantic opportunity pops up. Enjoy!

Leo: While you long for faraway places, you are unable to get away from duty and work that simply has to be done.  You don’t have much time for feeling low as you are kept busy. You receive some recognition from someone in authority. This does a lot for your ego. Make plans for that vacation after the New Moon on the 15th.

Virgo: The pleasures of life may not seem so pleasant as you encounter some difficult people. Some are argumentative while others simply rain on your parade. You want to escape your daily routine. Make every effort to change up that routine. From that variation of routine comes some pleasant encounters with pleasant people.

Libra: Recent events have rocked your foundation. Some very close relationships are undergoing change. Some family or estate business needs to be completed before you can move on. You’ll get a signal at the New Moon on the 15th. You will know then that it is time to move ahead. In the meantime, think things through.

Scorpio: You’re very active both physically and mentally. Your attitude toward work, the job and coworkers has been undergoing a change. Some of this is a bit radical while some is just a natural progression. Serious and deep thoughts bring your creativity to the surface. Use it! Some pleasant folks appear on the horizon.

Sagittarius: The focus is on the things you do for pleasure, the stuff you enjoy. What are those things? Time to find out and sort out what is important to you and what isn’t. Your creative juices are flowing and you can apply those ideas that pop up to your everyday activities. You may find love on the job or make a connection through a colleague.

Capricorn: You like a solid foundation, but lately you feel like you are on shifting sands. You’re getting rid of anything in your life that no longer serves you. This is the great purge, from your possessions to the people in your life. As you toss out the old, you let in the new. New people, new ideas and new modes of expression proliferate.

Aquarius: Busy Aquarius has a lot going on beneath the surface that those around you are unaware of. You prefer to keep it that way as you are working out some deep, profound stuff. This quiet, meditative mode is perfect for this Mercury retrograde period. The New Moon and Mercury direct occur on the 15th. It’s green light time!

Pisces: You’re dealing with this big ball of wax that includes finances, future goals and what you really want and need. Friends play an important role. Some are wise and worthwhile, some want to pick a fight and some just don’t get you. Listen to the wise ones. Your neighborhood abounds with romance and social events.

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