Lunar Notes

Aries:  Sudden changes in your financial situation prompt you to question past actions, and you start to second guess yourself. What is done is done. If you’ve done your homework, all will be well.  At month-end, some home/career news and moves serve to brighten your future. Think about new ways to do old chores.

Taurus: A seismic shift is headed your way. You may have felt it already. While you don’t really like change, sometimes it can be good for you. A busy social life helps you adjust. You feel the need to talk about things that you might not have talked about before. A spiritual-minded friend could be the perfect listener.

Gemini: Some stuff that has been rumbling around in the rear quarter of your brain moves to the forefront. You do what you do best, talk about it. Some folks are surprised at what you have to say.  Make note of the one who is a real good listener. As unlikely as that person may be, he or she is a keeper.

Cancer: Suddenly your social contacts expand, opening you to some new and exciting people.  Lots of interesting and unusual conversations take place as these folks open your eyes to a lot of new possibilities. A romantic interest or friendship with someone who enjoys what you enjoy lightens your load.

Leo: A new boss, career path or a changing situation on the home front shakes up your life. This does not necessarily mean bad, just different. Someone may want to argue about these changes, but you follow your own instinct as you thread through these new pathways. In some ways you feel restricted, in others a sense of freedom.

Virgo: You open up to many new areas of interest. This newfound curiosity is aided and abetted by your very active social life. Your wider world view sends you on a journey of discovery. A return to school or an expanded list of must-reads keeps you intellectually excited. A friendship evolves into something more.

Libra: You dig deep within to find what motivates and excites you. You’re getting into some deep-rooted stuff from your earliest days. Feelings and emotions that trigger your reactions are part of your foundation. It’s neither wrong nor right, it just is. A helpful, friendly someone helps you to clarify all of this so you can move on.

Scorpio: You’re shocked by the actions of someone in your life. Not something you expected in your wildest dreams. It will take a lot of conversation for you to understand all of this. Along with all of this, someone new enters your life. A very different type than what you are used to. This could be exciting, but not very stable.

Sagittarius: A lot of activity and changes in your daily life. The trick these days is to remain flexible as schedules fly out the window. Try and go with the flow. Not easy, but what choice do you have? Some money matters, taxes, insurance etc. require some close and tedious scrutiny. Get it done and over with.    

Capricorn: You spend more time than usual on those things that bring you joy and make you feel like a kid again. Someone new and exciting enters the picture and sparks up your social life. While you’re into all that sizzle, you want to have a meeting of the minds as well. A lot of conversation will let you know if this is the one.

Aquarius: Mars in your sign brings a lot of energy and motivation. Now is the time to get moving, move ahead and take action on whatever front in your life that is stuck. Something is going on that rocks your foundation. You’ll need that energy to chart a new and unexpected course through life. Friends act as guides through the unfamiliar.

Pisces: Adjustments need to be made in your daily routine. There’s conversation, news and information that needs to be sorted through. All of this keeps you busy, but you do take the time to enjoy some leisure time fun stuff. An intuitive connection between you and another leads to a more romantic relationship.

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