Lunar Notes

Aries:  While you may have a lot of work to do being busy with work, career moves and home front issues, you still take the time to have some fun. You’re romantic and playful, and you manage to find congenial companions to satisfy your fun-loving nature. Money may be a roller coaster ride, but in the end, it’s all good.

Taurus: Your topsy-turvy life keeps rolling along and you are learning to roll with the punches.  Your interest in topics that further your knowledge and contribute to enlightenment increases.  Some very wise and erudite folks enter your circle.  There are spiritual aspects to life that heretofore you had never considered.

Gemini: The focus on finances, shared resources and the things in life that you value the most continues. While you may have to face some harsh facts, there are helpful people around you.  Some pop up in surprising places. The Full Moon may bring the need to sign some papers. Pay close attention to details.

Cancer: Relationships take a surprising turn. Some feel like they are becoming dull and confining while others seem new and exciting. There is value in both the dull and the exciting, but sometimes that is hard to see. Is excitement and stability possible in any given relationship? No worries, you’ll figure out who you will keep in your life.

Leo: Recent events and your own inner thoughts have prompted you to head in a new direction.  This period presents a good time to do some reflection and quiet contemplation about what your next move will be. You may not have that luxury, though, as Venus in your sign brings invitations, social events and fun things into your life.

Virgo: Your connections and wide circle of friends pull you out of the dull routine. You can keep up the pace, as you are looking to expand your horizons and increase your knowledge through interaction with different people and ideas. A relationship may become serious, but you may consider it too confining. Think about this one a bit.

Libra: Balancing the home and the private with your career and public life requires some quick thinking and adjustments these days. A friendship may develop into something more interesting.  Money has an up and down feel to it, but all will be well in the end. Be wise in your spending with an eye to the long term.

Scorpio: While your routine is anything but, you are thinking of faraway places and having deep, philosophical thoughts. Opportunity presented to you now may have financial rewards down the road. Think about it and try not to let emotions rule your thought process. Someone around the home front is angry or makes you angry.

Sagittarius: You face a variety of issues. While some may seem problematic, all they really require some deep thinking. An internal probe of what really matters to you is in order. Attendance at a lecture or seminar clears the air and opens you to new possibilities. On issues of faith, you march to your own particular drum.

Capricorn: The dull and tedious in your life mixes with the new and exciting as some unusual people and ideas cross your path. There is a lot of stimulating conversation that helps to lift the tedium that has been plaguing you lately. A sizzling romance, a wise friend and/or your own common sense lift the fog that has settled around you.

Aquarius: Unsettling events on the home front disrupt the daily working routine. You manage to keep it all together, earning points from the powers that be. You’re attracted to someone who is a bit flamboyant. A secret emerges from the shadows around the time of the Full Moon. Someone sober and stable reveals another side.

Pisces: You plunge into anything that is new and unusual as you are tired of the dull routine. You look for ways to express your authentic self and get very creative along the way. Some old and solid friends help you to transform your thinking process. You feel the proverbial light bulb turning on in your head. Pretty exciting. 

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