Lunar Notes

Aries: Despite the call of duty and responsibility, you break out in a dance of joy as you embrace those activities that make your heart sing. All fun things come your way and you are quick to take advantage of these opportunities. Romance is in the mix, possibly with an old friend or someone from the past who reenters your life.

Taurus: Change is in the air, encompassing your domestic situation as well as your very public life. One affects the other in profound ways. Your work relationships are pleasant, and you enjoy socializing with co-workers. Someone wise and worldly enters your life, providing you with a glimpse of what is beyond your horizon.

Gemini: Change in your daily life is not unwelcome as you are bored with routine. You seek new ideas, information and companions to share it with. All this change has you looking forward to each new day. You develop a creative outlet that allows you to express your thoughts and authentic self.

Cancer: Significant others in your life create challenges to your self-esteem. You begin to reevaluate who and what is important to you. Friends and lovers come to your aid, emotionally and spiritually. You take great pleasure in beautifying your surroundings, creating a calm space where you can chill out.

Leo: Big changes head your way. You are ready and eager for those changes. They encompass your public as well as your private life. You take a second look at a particular relationship after some angry words. Give it time. Some unexpected events will change your viewpoint as well as many other things in your life.

Virgo: Subtle forces are at work. Though not clear, they bring things to the surface that you realize you need to look at with fresh eyes. Your creativity has felt blocked, but these subterranean forces work to clear out those blockages. You value the beautiful, the calm and the symmetrical in your life. And you aim to keep it.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus, in your sign, brings the party to you. You are popular, busy and enjoying the social whirl. Changes in friendships and affiliations move you toward new goals in life.  You’re okay with that. Some changes on the financial front require some thinking. Don’t over-indulge your love of beautiful things.

Scorpio: Conversations with authority figures, significant others and folks you encounter daily become the seeds of change. Some folks in your life are behaving in an off-the-wall manner. That eccentric behavior opens your eyes to a collection of new ideas and new modes of action. A love link or calming person remains quietly in the background.

Sagittarius: Unsettling events turn your mind to philosophical things, weighty tomes and scholarly pursuits. You seek to improve your mind. You search for a class of instruction, a tutor or mentor to help you sort through all of this. Helpful friends point the way. They also brighten your social life and introduce you to a romantic possibility.

Capricorn: Things heat up in a few areas. Friends and acquaintances are somehow involved in all of this. Folks from different or unusual backgrounds pepper your life and provide an outlet for your passions. Yes, Capricorn, you are passionate about someone or something. Avoid repeating patterns of behavior. Recognize it before it starts.

Aquarius: You wonder what is going on with your relationships as everyone seems to be changing and either pulling away or pushing too close. You’re not comfortable with either at this time. The changes going on personally and publicly keep you rocking, and you need time to figure things out before you commit or quit.

Pisces: Your day-to-day life becomes a minefield of disruption with unexpected people, events and situations knocking you off your game. Try to keep steady as change is all around you, and you need to feel your way through to what will surely be a better situation. Old and reliable friends offer sound advice and a listening ear.

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