Lunar Notes

Aries: You’re ready to move along with your life into new territory, but some last-minute snags hold you back. Month-end will bring progress. In some areas of your life, there has been no holding back. Romance and relationships have been pleasant for the most part. Authority figures are a bit of a pain throughout this period.

Taurus: If you did not know that loaning money or getting involved in business with a friend is a bad idea, you know it now. You think about, but are hesitant to seek, legal advice. Go ahead. This is a good time for it. Review what advice you receive and make a decision after the 27th.

Gemini: Your usual flirtatious manner gives way to a heavy load of passion. There’s some deep stuff here. Hang in, for this too shall pass. Soon you will be back to your regular light and airy exchanges. Romance is in the air without all that deep digging into the psyche stuff, right up your alley.

Cancer: Some of your relationships are getting to be a real downer. Sift through them and keep the ones worth keeping, you’ll know which ones they are. You’re clearing the decks for some new and exciting folks to enter your life. A pleasant person close to home opens you to some new ideas and possibilities.

Leo: Events, unexpected and beyond your control, rock your routine. It seems as if you are continually revising and reviewing your course of action. Things will settle after the 28th of the month. Make your well-planned moves then. Throughout this period, you don’t have to look for a social life; it comes right to you.

Virgo: Some relationships are perplexing. You seek clarity. You are not much interested in some of the intense drama that is going on. Those into games of power are off your list. You value yourself and your time too much for that kind of crap. Be wary of overspending and over optimism. Pay attention to any flashes of insight.

Libra: While your social life is rocking, you have to take care of business. Some heavy expense involving your home base or some other unexpected outlay of cash requires some clever financial maneuvers. Despite all this activity, you tune into your inner self. Amazing what you discover there! A talk with a friend helps to clarify some of this for you.

Scorpio: Life is busy and seems like all work and no play. On the surface that may be true. but you are enjoying yourself with some quiet pleasantness with a significant person in your life. You’re playing it close to the vest, keeping things on the down low. There’s a psychic connection here. Publicly, when you talk, folks listen.  

Sagittarius: Life sends you events that challenge your sense of self-worth. Though the material world plays a big role here, you make connections to your inner, spiritual self. You discover that is where the real gold is.  Nevertheless, we live in the real world and you must meet those challenges. A helpful friend provides sound advice.

Capricorn: At times things seem really rough for you, as the daily grind often gets you down. In the midst of all this toil and sweat, some exciting people and events liven up your days. You find yourself involved with someone totally unlike anyone you have ever known. Your work will always be there, so enjoy the fun when it come along.

Aquarius: Your foundation is rocked by unexpected events. This includes your physical surroundings as well as the mental and emotional spheres of life. While challenging, the break up of your routine is rather exciting. A long-distance romance or with someone from a different background keeps the pot boiling.

Pisces: People and recent events in your life make you aware of who and what you really are. This, in turn, affects where you want to go next in your life. You seek understanding and knowledge, and are ready to read the weightiest tome or travel the seven seas to find it. But wait! Excitement lands right on your doorstep.

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