Lunar Notes: April 9, 2013 to April 15, 2013

The New Moon on the 10th revs up your first house and spikes your enthusiasm. This is the best time of year for you as it signals new beginnings. Whether it is a job change, address change or a change in hairstyle, you are off and running. You’re running on impulse and as the lunar month unfolds, you may find that you have not looked beyond the immediate. Slow down a bit and think about things. 

Taurus: The New Moon signals a time for you to initiate things in private without thought for gain or recognition. Selfless, not selfish, is the key word as ego takes a back seat. A time of quiet solitary contemplation brings a new spiritual beginning. Your ideas and actions now are not for public view. You are preparing for a transition into a more public and social mode as the month unfolds. 

Gemini: This New Moon brings inspiration from friends and like-minded folk in your circle. Don’t be afraid to borrow their ideas – you’re not stealing as they are freely giving. You want to socialize and bounce your ideas off of your friends, particularly those ideas you have about your future. Talking about these plans will help you clarify them, and you will get some good, solid feedback.   

Cancer: You’re ready to step up to the plate and take your turn at bat. In other words, this New Moon brings you to the point where you want to take charge of your own life. If you are not in the position to take the reins, this is the time to plant the seeds of your ambition as you aim high and reach for that position and control of your own destiny. Go for it, Cancer! 

Leo: You’ve had a lot of interesting ideas and plans for action floating around in your head for the last six months or so. Now is the time to weed through them and pick those that resonate and make the most sense now. This New Moon is about hope and belief for Leo. Most important of all is belief in yourself.  Let your natural confidence buoy you and carry you along. 

Virgo: You’re sifting through the compost heap of your life. Like all compost heaps, you find what is rotting and decaying. While this may be unpleasant, it is the compost that nurtures the bright flowers and fruitful bounty of the future. Use your gift for separating the wheat from the chaff to discern what nuggets of experience will move you into the positive.  

Libra: With the New Moon falling in your seventh house of partners, you are adjusting how you relate to those in your sphere. Sometimes this can signal a new relationship or a shifting phase in a relationship.   Be open to new people entering your life. Through your relationships, you are learning a lot about how you relate to the world. Maintain the balance between standing your ground and compromise. 

Scorpio: The New Moon in your sixth house triggers a desire to do work that you love. You want to use your creative talents in work that is beneficial to society while bringing you emotional satisfaction. Not there yet? Plant the seeds that will grow into the work that you need to bring you fulfillment. You’re capable of some creative, innovative, new-fangled ideas now. Put your thinking cap on. 

Sagittarius: The Aries New Moon on the 10th complements your fiery nature and encourages your natural inclination for risk-taking. You may take a risk on a relationship, a sporting event or on a novel idea. The opinions of others don’t matter too much to you now as you are marching to your own drummer.  As the Moon waxes to full, you will put these new ideas to work. 

Capricorn: The New Moon in your fourth house plants a seed of knowing, sparking a need for you to know and learn what nourishes you on an emotional level. You’re particularly sensitive to your environment now and you pick up on subtle nuances floating around you. As the Moon waxes, you will take this sensitivity and bring it to the surface, using it to create an idea, a work of art, a new you. 

Aquarius: The New Moon in your third house prods you into gathering information. Instinctively, you know this is the time to explore and gain new ideas. Books, magazines, driving to new neighborhoods and talking to people all serve to feed your questing mind. Reach far and wide; now is not the time to focus on one idea, but to cast a huge net. Worry about focus another day. 

Pisces: This New Moon in your second house brings a feeling of inertia as you have been engaged in a mad dash here and there for the past month. Overcome that and initiate ideas and projects that will bring you fun and enjoyment down the road. Things that you start now have staying power and will be around for a while, so be careful what you start.

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