Lunar Notes: What Will the Weekend Bring?

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Thursday, December 17, the Moon floats through Pisces. With Moon in Pisces, folks are impressionable and sensitive. There’s a need to escape the harsh realities of life. Some folks do this through prayer and meditation, others through alcohol and other substances. It is difficult to remain on the straight and narrow as Moon travels through Pisces. Try not to stray too far. Do something that feeds the soul.

Thursday morning, Venus connects with Pluto, generating some deep emotions. This is a good time to try and understand those emotions. Relationships are intense with a desire to merge with the other. Passions are roused. A new relationship often feels “fated.” Some folks might get jealous — probably over nothing.

The First Quarter Moon perfects mid-morning on Friday, signaling a time for action. Best to wait until 4:30pm or so when Moon enter Aries. Waxing Moon in Aries is a great time to start something, especially if you have put some thought into your actions ahead of time. Under an Aries Moon, impulse rules the day.  This includes impulsive spending. It’s easy to blast the budget to smithereens. Beware!
Moon in Aries for the weekend demands action. People want to move or begin something new, and are looking for adventure. Saturday afternoon, Mercury joins Pluto for some intense conversation. Pluto plumbs the depths and Mercury asks the questions that enables folks to get to the bottom of the issue.  Both planets in Capricorn promise logic and reason. With Moon in Aries folks are quick to anger, an anger that passes quickly and holds no grudge. Throughout the day and evening, that Aries Moon bounces off Mercury, Pluto then Uranus. This could be a long conversation. In the evening, that Moon/Uranus combination sets the stage for the unexpected. Could be a fun night for the adventurous, less so for those who prefer the tried and true.

By Sunday evening, the Moon has slipped into Taurus and the energy mellows out. Around 10pm, Mercury squares off with Uranus. This combination can bring shocking news, highway and aviation mishaps, and any number of events that disrupt the routine. These crazy events threaten the security that Moon in Taurus craves.

At 11:29pm, on Monday the 21st, the Winter Solstice occurs as the Wheel of the Year turns. The energy shifts and we celebrate the return of the light. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. We light candles, burn Yule logs and make merry in order to hold the darkness at bay. The days now begin to lengthen and we turn our eye to spring.

That said, Monday morning, is a Monday like all others, the beginning of the work week for most. With Moon in Taurus, the steady, plodding steps we need to take to get us back in the work mode are enhanced by this fixed Earth Moon.

By Wednesday, hump day, Moon is in airy Gemini. We multitask with ease and our conversations move fast and cover a lot of ground. Under Gemini Moon, folks are curious. This is a good time to start a conversation. While Moon is in Gemini we are less likely to fall into emotional traps. Exchanging information and being in the know feed the emotions during this transit. While the morning brings daydreams when Moon squares off with Neptune, the energy flips when Moon opposes Saturn favoring that nose-to-the-grindstone stuff. Do what needs to be done and begin to make plans for the upcoming weekend.

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