Lunar Notes: Your March horoscope

piscesYour Monthly Horoscope

Aries: The New Moon in your solar 12th house puts the focus on solitude and reflection. Your ruler, Mars, in retrograde motion until May 19th, curbs your natural impulsiveness. Mars retrograde in Libra places the emphasis on personal relationships and how you relate. Use this period to find out who and what is important to you. Do socialize a bit.

Taurus: The New Moon signals a time for you to make connections and plans for the future. When Venus, your ruler, changes signs on the 6th she enhances your public image. Avoid joint ventures with friends and acquaintances involving money. It’s not a sure thing no matter what anyone says. Something hidden surfaces before the month ends that brings clarity to the situation.

Gemini: Gemini finds it difficult to maintain the balance between the public/private, career/home spheres of life. Duty calls and you must respond, but you manage to carve out some free time with unusual friends and exciting events. A romance may falter, but don’t give up; let things simmer down a while. It’s not over yet.

Cancer: You’re taking the long view and thinking about the big picture, looking beyond the personal. You feel a shift in the energy within and around you as the month begins. Conversations become deeper and more reflective of what you really feel. Some of you new ideas may not sit well with folks in your life. Don’t back down; continue exploring.

Leo: You’re doing some soul searching during this cycle, delving deep into the inner landscape trying to discover what you really need. As this process unfolds, you begin to realize what really matters to you. You begin to purge yourself of all that is unnecessary. This runs from cleaning out the basement to tossing out the junk food and reassessing relationships. Toxins must go.

Virgo: This month’s lunation cycle places relationship issues on your personal radar. This includes the kissy-huggy kind and any personal one-on-one type of relationship, such as those with your co-workers, the barista who makes your coffee in the morning, and friends both new and old. Full Moon brings plenty of conversation and some financial surprises.

Libra: This is a month of shift and change for you. Work and your daily routine, and your friends and romantic interests are active and reflect this change. Pay no attention to the gossip about those in your daily life.  Before the month is over, secrets will be revealed and you’ll get the straight scoop. Romance calls, but you’re not ready. Mind the budget.

Scorpio: Scorpio wants to trip the light fantastic, but is restrained by duty and a nagging feeling that all has not been revealed. Turn the Scorpionic lens to the issue and dig it out. By Full Moon time you’ll be ready for fun and games. Hanging with your friends brings romance into the picture. You feel a spiritual bond with this person. Take it slow.

Sagittarius: Changes in your domestic situation and personal life are on board this month. A long-awaited loan may come through or a long-term affair or problem may be resolved allowing you to move along and implement some revisions you have been pondering. Keep conversations pleasant; this is not the time to force a showdown.

Capricorn: Your month is peopled with social contacts, business contracts and consultations with professionals and old friends. All this activity does not alleviate the delays you’ll have in reaching your goals. Hang tough; influential and important friends in high places work on your behalf. Progress is slow, but sure.

Aquarius: You’ve been dotting your Is and crossing your Ts lately, and someone in a position of authority takes note of all this good work. This won’t hurt when review time rolls around. Expect delays and disruption in your travel plans, daily commute and trips around town due to unforeseen circumstances. The unexpected happens on a daily basis.

Pisces: You’re open to the new and different as you are so ready for change. Get out with friends and broaden your network as the possibilities for love, friendship and personal gain are huge now. Some relationships may become problematic, but don’t give up on them yet. You’re seeing things differently and you need to have some conversation before renewing or ending any relationship.

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