Lunar Notes: Your May Horoscope

sagitAries: You’re thinking about what really matters to you and whether the people in your life share those values. You have been observing some behaviors in others that don’t sit well with you. You unexpectedly attract something or someone lovely and beautiful into your life. A little introversion and quiet contemplation goes a long way this month. Dig in, Aries!

Taurus: Whether you feel like it or not this month, you are a people person. You may want to sit back and contemplate your navel, but folks are coming at you from all angles. Old and reliable friendships present problems. Someone is going through a spiritual crisis. It could be you as you attract and are attracted to people with a spiritual bent; they open you to bigger and better possibilities.

Gemini: Gemini turns inward this month, digging into the subconscious and trying to figure out why your actions get the reaction that they do and figuring out the hidden ways you screw yourself up. Your friends are into some unusual stuff, but no matter how weird and kinky it may seem, they are sweet about it. Look for some fun and games after the 20th.

Cancer: Expect surprises centered on work, career and your public life. There’s a promise of more money, but it may not materialize for a few months. After the 20th, home and domestic issues dredge up some old stuff; you need to have that conversation. Relationships take work — even the most romantic ones. Say what is on your mind. Life’s a roller coaster this month, so hang on for the ride.

Leo: You’re in the spotlight and receive the recognition you deserve. You’re also in for some conflict with authority figures and co-workers. Watch out for some behind-the-scenes machinations. Don’t get pulled into complex plots and schemes. Take the high road here. You’re the king of the jungle, Leo; you don’t need any of this crap. You know your own worth.

Virgo: After serious thought and study, you make your thoughts and feelings known. This is a good time to have that conversation with an authority or parental figure. Whatever you decide, your voice will be heard. Sticking to the budget becomes difficult when income and outflow fluctuate. Networking pays off in the end, so circulate.

Libra: After thinking about your future, your relationships and your monetary situation for quite a while, you have reached some conclusions and set some goals. There are still some plans that need tweaking before you can begin to make your moves. You’ll finally be ready for action at month end’s with the New Moon in Gemini. Go for the gold, Libra!

Scorpio: Conflicts and confrontation face you from all quarters. While some relationships are pleasant and run smoothly, some folks act in unexpected ways that disrupt the routine. You want things organized and that is nearly impossible now. Step back, don’t argue and don’t try to put yourself forward now. Wait, contemplate and plan.

Sagittarius: Love and life can be pretty exciting for you now. Friends and romantic and creative interests occupy you, but do not forget your duties and responsibilities. Try and stick to the routine. Some people and things pass from your life now. Let them go; you are clearing the decks for a new beginning. Let your intuition be your guide.

Capricorn: Capricorn has been between a rock and a hard place for quite some time now. Deep and profound changes are happening — some very obvious, others quite subtle. By month’s end, some of the pressure should ease up a bit and you may be able to move forward in areas where you have been blocked. Your creative juices are flowing. So create already!

Aquarius: The balance between your public and private life is tough to maintain this month. You have to step lively along the tight rope walk of your life right now. You are creatively inventive, putting your words and ideas into action. Some thoughts have been incubating for a while; you put those thoughts into action at month’s end.

Pisces: It’s a busy time for Pisces this month. Trying to get and stay organized is a challenge. You’re hip deep into spiritual musings, but the material world keeps intruding. The log jam of money issues finally eases at month’s end. A tax rebate, insurance payment or inheritance matter is finally cleared up. You begin to move forward.

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