Lupo’s Not Closing

Rumors have suddenly been swirling around the internet about the sale or closure of Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel. Today Motif spoke with the man himself, legendary music promoter Rich Lupo, and learned that these tales are unfounded.

Lupo’s / The Roxy is not closing, and the iconic venue is not being sold.

In fact, the club is planning renovations, which will take place this winter, adding improved lights and sound equipment. The club will remain open during renovations, and patrons should not be inconvenienced. Shows will go on!

The announcement of the renovations coincided with a change of general managers – with new GM, former regular manager Frank Manfredi, taking over day-to-day operations. This combination may have led to misinterpretations which were then posted online, where they took on a life of their own.

The club, however, Lupo is happy to report, is going strong.

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