We Got to Install Microwave Ovens: These recipes will have you going gourmet with the push of a button

We’re a few weeks in, and I’ll bet you’re already tired of your dining hall. You’re tired of the late night pizza and Chinese. You desire something different, but a home-cooked meal is too far away (and Mom doesn’t deliver) and dinner at that nice restaurant is out of your price range. So what’s a hungry student to do? Look to the microwave. You can create a unique meal just by pressing a few buttons and being patient for a whole 90 seconds! Here’s what I mean:

French Toast

“Wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy…” You wish. Kesha lied to us all. Instead, you wake up with the intense urge to wrap yourself in your blanket like a burrito and go into hibernation, but that’s not an option. You have class. You begin to stir, thinking about starting your morning right with soft and fragrant French toast lathered in warm maple syrup, but instead you find an old granola bar under your bed. Gross. Don’t despair! With the right ingredients, you can have that dreamy French toast in the comfort of your dorm room. Just dump out whatever’s still in your favorite mug from last night, toss in an egg, a quarter cup of milk, two torn pieces of bread, a dash of cinnamon, a pat of butter and a drizzle of syrup. Put it all in the microwave for 2 minutes, and viva la France! Pro tip: If you like your French toast a little more on the crusty side, leave your mug in for another minute (recipe provided by Society19: society19.com/make-microwave-french-toast-mug).

BBQ Chicken Nachos

The Super Bowl is coming up and you have a big enough TV and enough room to have a few friends over to enjoy the game. You could order pizza, or you could kick it up a notch with these BBQ chicken nachos. Grab some leftover chicken from the caf and mix it with a dollop of BBQ sauce. Put it on top of some tortilla chips and cover the whole thing with an irresponsible amount of cheese. Microwave your nachos ’til the cheese is bubbly, add your favorite toppings, and game on! Caution: You may have to get going on a new batch pretty quickly because the first batch will vanish (recipe provided by Tasty: tasty.co/recipe/microwave-4-minute-bbq-chicken-nachos).

S’mores Dip

Some days you wish you were sitting around a campfire rather than studying for that test. Breathing in the smoke of the crackling fire and munching on a s’more sounds like the perfect way to end the night. What if I told you that you could enjoy a that gooey, chocolatey staple without the smoke? All you have to do is melt some chocolate chips in the microwave — not for too long or they’ll seize up — then tear a marshmallow in half and plop it on top. Back in the microwave it goes till the marshmallow puffs up, then take it out and dip graham crackers into the sweet concoction. And if you do want all that smoke? Sprinkle a bit of smoked salt on top or, you know, head outside and downwind from your RA (recipe provided by Fox and Briar: foxandbriar.com/one-minute-smores-dip-for-one/#cookbook-recipe-5313).

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