Might Versus Right

Sometimes you gotta break the law to change the law. How much do you about these people who broke the law for their beliefs?

1) The Dorr Rebellion, which took place in RI in 1841, was an attempt by middle class RIers to change the rule that you had to own land in order to do what?
2) Who wrote in Letter from Birmingham Jail that people have a moral responsibility to break unjust laws?
3) What law did Rosa Parks violate in Alabama in 1955?
4) Susan B Anthony was arrested in 1872 for what?
5) Why was the late Jim Taricani sentenced to 6 months of
home confinement?


1) Vote
2) Martin Luther King Jr.
3) A law that required black people in certain bus seats to give their seats to white people when the bus became full
4) Voting
5) Because he refused a court order to reveal a source

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