Mob Squad Strikes Back

Providence Roller Derby’s home season kicked off with a fast-paced seesaw battle between the Mob Squad and last year’s champions, the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. After nine incredible lead changes, the Mob came out ahead in the last few minutes with a final score of 185-167.

The highlight of the night goes to the jammer vs. jammer of #16 Boones Harm against #5 Craisy Dukes. Starting off the first jam of the bout and lined up with several more rotations, both of these athletes defined the back and forth battle with their alternating lead jam statuses. Dukes led her Rats with 77 points, and co-captain #078 Pez DispenseHer racked up 39 points. On the Mob’s bench, #12 Varla Gunz brought in 75 points, Boones had 43 pts, #37 Dread Velvet got 25 pts, and #17 Goldie Glocks had 22 pts.

Rats veterans #401 Trophy Knife and #40 Milla LowLife delivered some hard-hitting blocking. Not to be outdone, the Mob fired back with devastating  blows from #44 Fuhgeddaboutdit, #9 Sun Scream and the returning #96 Harpie. Both teams played very hard, keeping in mind Rats’ victory last year against the Mob in the championship.  With more new players, two injured before the bout and four more penalties than their opponents, the Rats fought until the very end, but have pledged to get a win in their next bout in September.

The Mob move onto their next game on August 13 against the Old Money Honeys at the West Warwick Civic Center. A Mob victory would guarantee their seat in the championship game, but the Honeys said they are ready to take back what’s theirs after five long years. Tickets are available at Don’t forget to check out PRD updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and new YouTube Channel: PRDtv.

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