Hip-Hop: Moving it Forward

In order for the the music scene to thrive, we all need to participate in propelling it forward by embracing new talent. There are tons of artists waiting to be heard and you can find them on social media and other platforms. But the best place I find them is at live shows where you can see their personality up close and personal and really get a feel for who they are and what their music is about. A few years ago I had a showcase and worked with a ton of new talent. One artist I booked stood out to me and does to this day — Camden. He told me that showcase was one of his first. Now I’m sure he has a lot more under his belt.

Spocka Summa (Motif): Can you introduce yourself?

Camden Murphy: I am Camden Murphy, aka the best young abstract hip-hop artist alive.

SS: Where are you from?

CM: Born and raised in Newport.

SS: What’s your musical background?

CM: I’ve been writing music since the 3rd grade. I grew into writing poetry in middle school then got back into writing music in high school. Now I am 22 and plan on continuing and advancing my craft.

SS: Why music?

CM: Music has always came so natural to me. I don’t write anything anymore. I just remember everything. I have multiple albums worth of music stored in my head. I always knew music was what I would pursue because ever since I was a little kid I could never picture myself doing anything else. I’m very in tune with sounds and myself as an artist.

SS: What do you hope to accomplish with your music?

CM: I hope to continue to build a genuine fan base all around the world and grow as a human and as an artist. I hope to tour until I’m 50 and go retire on an island with my family and kids. I hope to make a positive impact on people, leaving a lasting impression through my music. I want to create music that people can connect to forever. I’m pursuing happiness and longevity.

SS: Do you have any upcoming projects or shows?

CM: I’m releasing single by single to continue to build buzz and then releasing a project full of all the singles called Breath Of Fresh Air. Currently I have a very dope show June 24 at The Met with Michael Christmas. I am also setting up shows around the country.

SS: You have a new song out called G.Y.M. What is it about?

CM: G.Y.M is about getting money, but not being stupid with it. Money isn’t everything, but it is important in today’s world to travel and do cool things. So basically, go get your money, but don’t flaunt it because it can go just as quick as it came.

SS: Where can people find you?

CM: You can find me as @Camden94fmp on all social media and Camden Murphy on SoundCloud.

Over the years I have seen artists go just as fast as they come. But once in a while you find one that is truly dedicated and ready for the world to hear their voice. Camden Murphy is one of those special few. Do yourself a favor and go see him live as he delivers new music June 24 at The Met with Michael Christmas, Tunji Ige and many others. He won’t disappoint.

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