Jazz Insights: Nicolas King

One of America’s top-rated musical entertainers today hails from Westerly, Rhode Island. Nicolas King, who is 26, began crooning at age 8. He quickly developed a style touching cabaret and jazz-swing — his famous grandmother, Angela Bacari, worked with his special skills, and another one of his mentors was Liza Minnelli. As he advanced, people began comparing him to Mel Torme, Bobby Darin and Mark Murphy.

He performed regularly in Rhode Island and worked his way to New York City where he received gigs in the Broadway musicals Beauty and the Beast and A Thousand Clowns. He even was employed him on television commercials. Today, he is one of the most sought-after talents in Greater New York City, has several CDs and has been traveling around the world, often with Rhode Island’s super pianist Mike Renzi accompanying him.
Nicholas King is more than just a crooner and jazz singer, he has become a professional entertainer with excellent personal performing skills that are not generally found in the music world.

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