Over the Rainbow: The Wizard of Oz


OZ_Dorothy_PR1The Wizard of Oz is a beloved classic for a very good reason. This tale of a Kansas farm girl who ends up in the glorious world of Oz has a lot of heart. Stadium Theatre’s production of the show boasts some charming performances and impressive special effects.

Alex Duprey is an appealing Dorothy, who is separated from her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry after a tornado touches down and transports her to Munchkinland. This sets up a series of adventures involving the Munchkins, the Scarecrow (Adam Landry), the Tin Man (Troy Wheeler) and the Cowardly Lion (Jason Denton) as they are menaced by the evil Wicked Witch (Ashley Lopes), who resents Dorothy for dropping a house on her sister.

Lopes is great fun to watch as she cackles with glee and Denton made for a lovably funny Lion. Landry and Wheeler proved capable singers and displayed solid comic timing. Brian Wolfe-Leonard gave a wonderful performance as the Wizard of Oz, who first appears as a giant green head,and the always dependable Tom Lavallee provided a lot of amusement as the guard of Emerald City. Teddy, the dog playing Toto, was absolutely adorable and nearly stole every scene.

The songs in the show are all wonderful. The very young actors playing the Munchkins showed superior vocals on “Munchkinland” and “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.” I also enjoyed “The Jitterbug,” which was performed with style and high energy by the cast.

Overall, this is a first-rate production and a fun show for audiences of all ages.

The Wizard of Oz runs through February 19. Stadium Theatre. 28 Monument Square. Woonsocket. stadiumtheatre.com.

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