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I’ve exhausted all my desire to write about music for one year, so figured I’d move the conversation along to the next most rocking thing going down in the Providence this week: wrestling. I’ve always been a casual fan of wrestling. I caught one of Beyond Wrestling’s event a few months ago at Aurora and found the up-close, in-your-face experience to be thrilling. I prefer it to an arena show for the same reasons that I prefer club shows to arena rock concerts. The wrestlers will go outside the ring and brawl right in the middle of the crowd with no barriers. The whole performance is just a rush. And that brings us to Beyond Wrestling’s last show of the year at Aurora.

The event, billed as “Party Animals,” is notable for a couple of matches. David Starr will be defending his wXw Shotgun Championship against Jonathan Gresham. There is what promises to be a heavyweight slugfest between two giants (both over six and a half feet tall and over 300 pounds apiece) as Keith Lee takes on Chris Hero. The main story will be the final Beyond Wrestling appearance for Kimber Lee who is going to be jumping to the big time of the WWE starting in January. A trailblazer in women’s wrestling and certified bad ass, Lee has taken on both women and men and has not lost at a Beyond Wrestling house show in over a year. If I had Lee’s outstanding run of success and a WWE contract in hand, I’d ask for a jobber for my last match to ensure a dominant final victory. That isn’t Lee’s style, however, as not only is she fighting a male, she’s taking on Donovan Dijak, who also has not lost at a Beyond Wrestling live event in over a year. How can you beat an inter-gender battle of two combatants who have been undefeated for over a year? Plus it will be your last chance to see Kimber Lee before she graduates to the cavernous arenas that host WWE shows!

Beyond Wrestling presents “Party Animals” this Thursday at Aurora in Providence on December 29.

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