Got Beer? Is This Thing On?

In case you come from parts foreign, ie, anywhere outside of the tri-state area, Paul and Al are a pair of raunchy radio DJs on 94WHJY. Their humor is very bodily function-centric and barely safe for radio; I had the pleasure of meeting them during my days at Bucket (shed tear here), and they were always fun, friendly, good people who I’m sure will take my forthcoming irreverence about Revival’s Paul and Al Pale Ale in the spirit in which it was intended. Time to take a swig and tell you whether it’s good or as stale as their jokes.

The label features a pair of demons; I can only conclude they’re excrementals, one with a guitar, and the tag line is “Brewed to Raise Hell,” though I think it would be more appropriate if it were “From the tower of Babble.”

The aroma is citrusy and a bit earthy, with a light malt sweetness. It’s almost 90 degrees outside while I sip this, so I’m looking forward to something light and refreshing. Its hop profile makes it a little different from a traditional pale ale, but it still has a nice citrusy flavor,  grounded with a light touch of something faintly herbal and a sweet malt. It’s nice to taste a pale ale that isn’t pretending to be an IPA or so light on the malt character that it becomes lost in a floral miasma. Revival never fails to disappoint, and this brew is no exception. Though I’m surprised I don’t have to endure 10 minutes of commercials between sips.

This brew comes in a 16-ounce can, but luckily it’s a tame 5.5%, so unless you’re a truly dedicated Paul and Al-coholic, you likely won’t be too addled by the ABV. Yes, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel at this point, but look at what I’ve got to work with.

In all seriousness, this is a tasty brew, especially for warm days full of relaxing by the pool or mowing the lawn with your favorite music on. Whether that music is classic/modern/alternative rock, this beer should have a pretty universal appeal. It’s not quite a crossover beer — it’s maybe one you can hand to someone adventurous enough to try a Sam Adams, but also a pleasantly palatable brew for most beer snobs. It’s complex, thoughtful, interesting, pleasantly aromatic, fresh and clean. So how in the hell is this related to Paul and Al?

You know I’m kidding, guys. Drink up.


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