Providence Improv Fest Returns

Last night, Sep 22, marked the 14th opening of the annual Providence Improv Festival (PIF). With over 40 improv comedy troupes, this weekend’s festivities include shows on Friday from 7 – 11:30pm and Ssaturday from 5 – 11:30pm, all at AS220 (either Blackbox or Mainstage, see website for details Thursday night consisted of two local mashup shows, with troupes hailing from Attleboro to Newport, and the night ended with both organizers, Tim Thibodeau and Eric Fulford, joining their team, Large Mouth Bass, for musical improv. The variety of styles and improv forms in one night was an incredible experience and a clear sign of what’s to come. Whether you are new to improv or a veteran, PIF allows you the ability to sample multiple improv flavors to see what you like — with short form, herald, montage, musical and more, PIF has assembled a variety of groups from 10 of the 50 states to entertain you.

Organizer Thibodeau said, “The Providence Improv Fest has been a tradition of celebrating the art form of improv comedy.  Every year we are excited to combine local and national acts in hopes of creating a stronger community between performers while giving the audience a chance to fall in love with improv comedy.  It’s great to see the audience, newer performers and well-seasoned performers laugh with and support each other.”

Laugh out loud this weekend by stopping in on a few or all of the shows. Friday and Saturday both end with an Improv Roulette Jam (11:30pm, AS220 Blackbox), which gives performers from all troupes the ability to gather, perform and challenge themselves.

Life is full of “No’s;” join the Providence Improv Festival and follow improv law by saying, “Yes and,” and have a great time in the creative capital.

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