Pin-up: Christina Palavra

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pinupDo you have a nickname? No, but I’ve always kind of wanted one. My mom always corrected people when they tried. She would say, “It’s not Chris … or Tina … just Christina!”
What do you never leave home without? I never leave home without Chapstick!
What’s your biggest pet peeve? I absolutely hate when people don’t say thank you when you hold the door open for them. Manners is everything to me.
What’s your favorite book? The Scarlett Letter
What’s your favorite TV show? It’s a tie between “The Fresh Prince of Belaire” and “My Wife and Kids.”
What’s your favorite holiday tradition? I like to get together with family and friends and eat like it’s our last meal.
What’s your favorite gift to give? I usually make my own gifts for people!
Tell us a secret! I’ve never been to the casino cause my family has a gambling problem…

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