Pin-up: Jessie Devaney

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Do you have a nickname? My family called me “Honey” until I was about 25, and my little brother Chris calls me “Ner.”
What do you never leave home without? A cell phone, prayer beads and Chapstick.
What’s your favorite movie? Wayne’s World
What’s the least romantic Valentine’s Day gift you ever received? When I was 15, my boyfriend gave me one of those drug store teddy bears with a diaper on it. At that moment, I pictured what life would be like if we ever had kids together — and it didn’t look good!  I freaked out and broke up with him that day.
Do you prefer to meet potential dates in person or online? In my dating days, in-person was the best. Somehow, every dude I went out with played guitar and had a ponytail!
Describe the sexiest meal you can think of. Lobster ravioli with homemade marinara sauce!  One of my husband’s specialties (and yes, he’s a long-haired guitarist).
Tell us a secret! I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, but I still get butterflies when I take the stage with my band Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs (

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