Pin-up: Kristen Minsky

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Are you excited for Star Wars? Of course!
Who’s your favorite Star Wars character? Chewie. What’s not to love?
Which is your favorite episode? Episode 4 still feels like the beginning to me. 
If you had the opportunity to go into space, would you? Sure. I can’t imagine turning down the chance.
Tell us your best stargazing story. I backpacked through West Africa and slept on the roof of a structure in the Dogon Country in Mali one night. The sky felt endless.
Are you making any resolutions for 2016? I am really focused on patience right now — with others and myself.
Where are you spending New Year’s Eve? If you tell us, we promise not to crash. You should totally crash! Chifferobe’s NYE Bash, 2016 Leagues Under the Sea, at Aurora is going to be a fabulous way to ring in the new year! Check it out at

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