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deltaWhat do you never leave home without?

A damn good reason.

So this election, huh … ? 

The past few weeks have shown us how nasty we can get when our ideologies are threatened, our core values are challenged, and our biggest fears are used like weapons to try and control us. It’s time to put our differences aside and find a way to listen to each other, strive to engage in a respectful civil discourse and work toward a better tomorrow together.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Every year I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to snatch the first pieces of skin from the turkey and share it with my grandma. She and I are the only two who eat it, so there’s no competition for it, but I think we both feel like we are getting away with something, which makes it all the more delicious.

What do you do to give back to your community? 

Not nearly enough. I volunteer with Roller Derby in the annual Gored for Good event and also have helped out for many years with the RI Saltwater Anglers’ Take-A-Kid Fishing Day.

Do you have any good derby scars?

I’ve got a line running across my chin, from the center of my lower lip down toward my neck. I got it from another skater’s Velcro on her wrist guard. Her Velcro. I have a Velcro scar on my face.How is this my actual hobby?

Tell us a secret!

My chest is tattooed with the Triforce from the Legend of Zelda. My version has deep cracks in it to remind me to forgive myself for my imperfections and that courage, power and wisdom are always within my reach.

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