Pin-Up of the Month: Sabrina Gomes

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What’s your occupation? I am a ‘Gansett Girl, a bartender and a full time student.

 What’s your dream job? To be a rock star, of course!

What do you never leave home without? My red lipstick

What’s your favorite movie? This time of year, it’s Hocus Pocus!

Tell us a secret! I still listen to NSYNC. No shame.

What’s your favorite seasonal beer? I am obsessed with the new ‘Gansett Bohemian Pilsner

Where’s your favorite place to have a beer as the weather gets chilly? I like to throw a few back at the E&O Tap!

Halloween — love it or hate it? I love Halloween! When else can you dress like a sexy nurse in public and get away with it?

Ever seen a ghost? Not since Casper!

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