Pin-up: Sarah Higson

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Do you have a nickname? My friends call me Higgles because there are so many people with the name Sarah.

What’s your biggest pet peeve? When people spell my name without the H. I don’t know why that drives me crazy.


What’s your favorite book? If I had to pick one it would have to be The Giver.

Favorite movie? The Last Unicorn

TV show? “Game of Thrones”

What’s your best money-saving tip for students? Search online for the cheapest textbook and then sell it back online when you are done. Sometimes you can also get the previous edition for cheaper and it’s often not much different from the current version.

What’s your best microwave recipe? Place corn chips on a plate, cover in shredded cheese, chuck it in the microwave and voila! Microwave nachos.

What’s your happiest college memory? The day I graduated from nursing school. It was such a difficult year in my personal life. It felt so good to overcome all of it and still finish school.

What’s your strangest college memory? My strangest college memory was when I saw Bob Saget live on campus and he was so raunchy! I had only ever seen him as the Dad on “Full House.” It was so weird.

Tell us a secret! I’m actually a huge nerd. I love books, TV shows and movies about fairy tales and mythical creatures. I’ll never outgrow them!


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