Pin-up: Varla Gunz

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Varla-GunzWhat do you never leave home without?
In addition to my over-packed purse, my ‘Chug Life’ water bottle. Got to stay hydrated!!

 What’s your biggest pet peeve?
People who talk obnoxiously loud for no reason. I don’t want to know your business!

What’s your favorite book?
Watership Down

What’s your favorite movie?
Some all time favorites are Labyrinth, Natural Born Killers, Star Wars, Anchor Man and Weird Science.

What’s your favorite TV show?
I’d have to say Dexter, since I named my dog after it

Where’s your best derby scar?
I have a little round scar on my elbow along with some interesting indents that are probably from where bone chipped off. I got hit so hard at a scrimmage I went flying and landed on my elbow first. It got ripped open under my elbow pad. It swelled and filled with fluid. It was pretty gross.

Tell us a secret!
I am a terrible liar … which is probably why I don’t have any secrets.

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