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So what do you do with your copy of the latest issue of Motif after you’ve read it cover to cover (twice – ed.) ? We can’t recommend you reduce your use. But reuse and recycle? Yes! We’ve got you covered because it’s seed-starting season! And we’re going to help you get those plant fetuses into a paper womb courtesy of Motif.

Step 1: Yank an entire spread out of the center of your issue. Get the whole thing! Go!
Step 2: Fold it in half like a hamburger bun.
Step 3: Do that shit again. Really make sure you crease it well, or else.
Step 4: Fold it in half again. Why did you stop folding it in half!?
Step 5: Okay, now for the tricky part. Open one layer up like you’re stuffing a pita pocket. And then fold it over like you see in Image 2.
Step 6: Do it again on the other side. If it doesn’t look like Image 3 then you did it wrong. Question your intelligence, then question ours, then start over.
Step 7: Fold one of the flaps over to reveal the neat/undivided side. Do this on the other side as well.
Step 8: Fold that flap over to the center seam to match the left side of Image 4. Rinse and repeat so it matches the right side of Image 4.
Step 9: Repeat step 8 for all the flaps. You should now have a mini Washington Monument, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Step 10: Fold those ugly little flappy-doos (TM) up so they hold the pot together. Crap! We forgot to remind you to crease! Have you been creasing this whole time? If not your pot is going to explode open. Is that what’s happening? We warned you!
Step 11: Open the side with the flappy-doos and gently flatten the bottom on a flat surface.

Look at you go! You made a pot! Or you didn’t and you just read through the tutorial living vicariously. Which is cool. If you’re into watching other people do stuff, then go to this link to learn from a source.   – WS

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