Pow! Science!: An Experience

There are no characters with overly large eyes lurking in Pow! Science!, ready to pounce on young ones and commit parents to their endless supply of wallet-draining merchandise. Instead, the store is filled with open-ended, imagination-building toys and science-themed kits that will fool the young or not-so-young kiddo in your life into learning while they play. But the wonderful array of toys isn’t the only reason to take a trip to Pow! Science!. The store is littered with a collection of try before you buy toys, allowing grown-ups to shop in peace while kids are kept busy, and shoppers are encouraged to hang out and play by the friendly store owner who will most definitely cluck over your precious cherub and compliment your parenting (even if you’re unshowered, exhausted and near tears, trying to both nurse a screaming newborn and corral a stampeding toddler).

A trip to Pow! Science! is an experience. For a small fee, kids can mine for minerals on Mondays or join a Friday morning science class. And they have a different set of toys available every day in private birthday party room. Depending on the day, kids are encouraged to build car tracks, take a ride on the roller coaster or join building Thursday after school when an array of building toys are left out for little architects and engineers. Free STEM fun, ftw!

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