Rats Chase the Cheese to the Championship

Many questions were prompted on the days leading to PRD’s September 10 bout of the Old Money Honeys vs. the Sakonnet River Roller Rats. Both teams not only would be short their full rosters (with the Rats requiring substitute players from the Mob Squad), but whoever won would go onto the championship in October.

Rats took the lead from the first 4-point jam by #5 Craisy Dukes, a lead they would maintain throughout the bout. By the end of first half, Rats held a 37-point lead over Honeys 104-67. The second half featured several scoreless jams as the Honeys’ defense grew. In a major scoring streak, both teams traded off power jams in a single jam. Dukes racked up 17 points for the Rats and #33 Artoo Detoonate pulled in 18 for the Honeys, bringing the score to a close 143-128. Even with a 14-point final jam by the Honey’s #6 Jetta Von Diesel, the Rats clinched the championship seat 168-156.

Both teams faced penalty struggles with direction-of-gameplay (blocking/assisting while skating clockwise).  However, it was the combination of track-cutting and out-of-play penalties on the Honeys that resulted in more power jam opportunities for the Rats to capitalize on.

Top scorers were #40 Milla Lowlife with 42 points in 10 jams and #401 Trophy Knife with 39 points in 11 jams for the Rats, and Artoo with 63 points in 17 jams, and Jetta with 34 points in 11 jams for the Honeys.

The final Providence bout of the year will be the Rats skating against the Mob Squad in the Championship game. Also part of the double-header, the Honeys will face Boston Roller Derby’s Boston Train Wrecks. This family-friendly double-header takes place at the West Warwick Civic Center on Saturday, October 8 at 5:30pm. For ticket information, go to ProvidenceRollerDerby.com.

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