“Fight! Fight! Fight!” Means Never Give Up to Providence Roller Derby

Battling up from their #107 WFTDA Ranking, Providence’s Rhode Island Riveters are looking to do some serious damage by closing out their travel season with their final away and at-home bouts.

On Saturday, May 13, the Riveters faced Les Duchesses of Quebec City in a back and forth nail-biter. What seemed like a clinched win in the end for the Riveters turned into a +10 point score for Les Duchesses on a final jam after an official review declared there were 10 more seconds still on the clock. While Quebec went home with a 139-129 victory, PRD’s Killah Bees clinched their own victory over the Boston Commons 171-169 in another final jam lead change.

Next in the sights of the Riveters and Bees are their opponents at BrewHaHa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted by the BrewCity Bruisers during the weekend of June 3. In the two-day battle, the Riveters will be going up against the #95 Kalamazoo Kill Stars, #110 Dupage Derby Dames and #103 BrewCity Bruisers All-Stars. The Bees will also be going skate-to-skate against Fox Cities, Minnesota Nice and BrewCity Bruisers Battlestars.

In their return home on June 10 at Thayer Arena in Warwick, the travel teams will have one final double-header for 2017. The Riveters gear up to face #141 Lehigh Valley All-Stars and the Bees will take on LV’s Blast Furnace Betties. If you have never attended a travel season game, it’s the final bouts like these that you’ll tend to see the most passion and jaw-dropping plays in roller derby. Especially when two leagues, such as Providence and Lehigh Valley, know each other very well.

To get tickets for the upcoming June 10 bouts, or for the fan-favorite home season featuring The Mob Squad, Sakonnet River Roller Rats and Old Money Honeys, go to ProvidenceRollerDerby.com or follow them on Facebook for the latest updates.

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