Pro-Corruption Rules: Mid-Terms

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The midterms are approaching and since this is our first election in the public eye, we couldn’t be more excited. Watch the web for reminders on why corruption is here to stay, inevitable and in many cases, good for society, or at least some people. Our first online column ( will deal with this, while the second pre-election column will deal with the election itself.
Special thanks to Patricia Morgan and her gang for supporting Joe Trillo and probably handing the governorship to Gina. And it may have been because some wanted jobs, bringing real tears to our eyes. Lesson 1: So-called reformers have always been some of our biggest allies.
While we weren’t happy with Morgan when she asked AG Kilmartin about misspending a bunch of money (which was none of her business), we applaud him charging her thousands of dollars for his heavily redacted spending records, which amounted to not much more than tons of pages of ink blobs. For you do-gooders, in defense of Kilmartin, it’s possible he was donning his consumer protection cap and trying to educate Morgan and others to always be careful spending money when you don’t know what you’re getting. So Kilmartin may have performed a valuable public service and shown us Lesson 2: What appears as corruption might actually be reform. Stay tuned…

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