Pro-Corruption Rules: Support Our Candidates

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Now that we’re out in the open and the election is right around the corner, it’s time for our first public legislative agenda. The legislature has been important in our neverending campaign to encourage the waste, abuse and corruption that benefits so many.

With that in mind, we urge support of legislative candidates who:

  • Oppose a line item veto and inspector general
  • Support continuing or enhancing last-minute wheeling and dealing with legislation voted on but not thoroughly reviewed
  • Support making it more difficult for rank and file legislators to call for votes
  • Oppose making it easier to access public information or support reducing it
  • Oppose term limits for legislators
  • Support maintaining or increasing legislative grants to buy votes
  • Support Nick Mattiello for speaker
  • Avoid debates or taking honest public positions on issues

I realize that the last bullet point might make it difficult to ascertain positions on other issues, but experience tells me that politicians remaining silent regarding their positions and beliefs are likely to be on our side.

For you goody-two-shoes who actually want government to act in the public interest, remember that corruption can be your friend. What good stuff do you think would get done if people weren’t personally, professionally or politically profiting from it, or if several laws weren’t being bent or broken to get things passed?

So support our agenda and help maintain a Rhode Island that you can be proud of — one that supports opportunities for all (or at least many).

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