Nice and Easy: Roll In to Proud Mary’s Donuts

proud maryTheir motto “Pick your glaze. Pick your topping. Get wild.” let me know I was in for a treat. When my friends and I walked into Proud Mary’s Donuts, we were greeted by the aroma of freshly made doughnuts and welcomed by the smiling faces of customers and employees alike. We waited giddily in line, and cooed as we watched the employees at work — frying, dipping and topping each doughnut with laser focus that rivals that of a surgeon. Yes, you read that right — they fry, dip and top each doughnut to order!

“I think we should just get a half-dozen,” I spouted with excitement as my friends nodded in agreement. We were pleasantly overwhelmed by the selection of specialty doughnuts on the menu and the available options to build your own creation, but I was instantly drawn in by the Key Lime Pie doughnut. By the time we got to the register, I didn’t know what else I was getting but I, for damn sure, was getting the Key Lime Pie doughnut (key lime glaze, powdered sugar & crushed graham cracker). I had no intentions of playing it too safe. I added to my Key Lime Pie order The Bacon Bomb (Maple Glaze & Bacon), and I created my own doughnut glazed with honey and topped with cinnamon sugar.

Eating these doughnuts was the most delightful experience I have had in a long time. When we sat down, I wasted no time reaching for the Key Lime Pie doughnut that had my mouth watering from the moment I looked at the menu. As it broke between my eager teeth, I was embraced by the warm and inviting interior. Each doughnut felt like a bed hugging my body after a long day at work. So moist and so fluffy, I felt myself melting into my chair with every bite. After devouring our donuts, we headed home with a big smiles, full bellies and plans to visit Proud Mary again.

Proud Mary’s Donuts, 326 Bullocks Point Ave, Riverside.

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