Rhodey Robin: Six Teams from Three Cities to Tangle for Two Days

Round the roller track the Riveters roll to roust and rejuvenate their record with a Rhodey Robin against their relentlessly renowned rivalry and other revved up renegades! On Saturday, April 22, and Sunday, April 23, at Thayer Arena in Warwick, Providence Roller Derby will be hosting the Rhodey Robin, a round-robin style tournament featuring the A and B teams from each of PRD, Washington, DC, and Carolina.

Day 1 Sat, Apr 22
1:00pm DC All Stars (A) v. Carolina All Stars (A)
5:00pm DC National Maulers (B) v. PRD Killah Bees (B)
7:00pm Carolina All Stars (A) v. PRD RI Riveters (A)
Day 2 Sun, Apr 23
8:30am DC National Maulers (B) v. Carolina Bootleggers (B)
12:00pm PRD RI Riveters (A) v. DC All Stars (A)
2:00pm PRD Killah Bees (B) v. PRD RI Riveters (A)

After a long weekend of bouts, do you think PRD will take a break? NEVER!

Right after the final bout, some of the skaters will be making an appearance presenting at the 2017 Motif Music Awards at the MET in Pawtucket, doors at 5:30pm.

A week later on Sunday morning, April 30, at the annual Running of the Bulls, the athletes of PRD will be donning horned helmets and bloodying up the runners at Get Gored for Good.

Passes are $35 for all six bouts on both days, $20 for all three bouts on either day, $15 for the last two bouts of either day. Bleacher seating is available, but attendees can bring their own comfy chairs and sit trackside to get up close and personal to the action.

Web: www.ProvidenceRollerDerby.com

Advance tickets: ProvidenceRollerDerby.Ticketleap.com

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