RIMHOF Inductees Announced

The spirit of camaraderie was contagious at the recent Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame (RIMHOF) press conference on Friday, February 17. Many of the august collection of experienced rockers and musicians knew each other, or had clearly played out together, collaborated or simply been inspired by one another over the decades that measure their careers.

By the end of the conference, 10 new inductees had been announced by RIMHOF president Bob Billington and archivist Rick Bellaire at the RIMHOF museum in Hope Artiste Village, and the greatest challenge proved to be getting all the talented artists in a single picture.

The Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame’s 2017 inductees are: Artie Cabral, Phil Greene, Dan Moretti, Neutral Nation, Billy Osborne, Plan 9, Frank Potenza, Rizzz, Throwing Muses, and The Wild Turkey Band / Hometown Rockers. Everyone except the Throwing Muses was present. Frank Potenza was represented by his brother Joe, and Billy Osborne Skyped in from Los Angeles.

The 2017 unveiling and concert events will take place over three days in late April. Jazz and R&B inductions are on Sunday, April 23, 2pm, at The Greenwich Odeum, and will include a performance by all of the inductees backed by an all-star trio of pianist Tim Ray and 2015 RIMHOF inductees Marty Richards on drums and Marty Ballou on bass.

On Saturday, April 29, at 8pm, the Rock Induction Concert – Part I will feature Throwing Muses, Neutral Nation and Plan 9. On Sunday, April 30 the unveiling of the 10 new inductee exhibits will happen, followed by the Concert – Part 2 featuring Rizzz, Phil Greene, and The Wild Turkey Band / Hometown Rockers beginning at 3pm.

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